Event: The Grand Opening of The Ballroom at NuSentral Kuala Lumpur

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For those who want to find a nice and warm place to chill out with their buddies, The Ballroom at NuSentral may be the right answer for that. Laft Friday, it was the grand opening for the new outlet The Ballroom at NuSentral. It was located at Level 4 NuSentral. If you have the difficult time to find where is this NuSentral, just head to KL Sentral because it is located near or can I say it is connected with KL sentral.

The Ballroom offers many activities such as Bowling, Karaoke, Pool Game and Dart with affordable price. For me, the bowling lane was amazing. They have about 20 lanes available for everybody and a tip for that, make sure to bring your own socks ya. ;) 

I just played half game with Sally. A bit upset with my bad performance last night. I just got 2 strikes and besides that  just a left turnover for me. Huhuhu.. But anyways,  now I have 2 free tickets for me to play there for free, and to improve my performance in bowling. Yippie..

Besides that, the Ballroom has privates’ rooms for private party and corporate event that is equip with karaoke set. The karaoke sets have great sound system and big space in one room can fill with 10 packs in a room. A great way to relief stress by singing out loud with friends and family.

 The dart game is the first electrical dart board I’ve seen. Heheh, They have about 8 dart board offers. But, to play this you must first buy the token at the counter. This dart area is near with the bar, where you can order drinks and food here.

Not only that, for those who wanted to try their skill in pool game ( snooker), they have plenty of pool tables here. I really don’t have the skills playing pool. Girls right, not good in aiming.. huhu (it’s just me I guess)

This event was officially launched by the owner at the bowling alley. 
Here are some of the photos during the launching session.

Overall, I really had a great time during the Grand Opening and looking forward to come again there to play Bowling and darts, plus enjoying free agolio spaghetti too. But make sure to call for RSVP yah.:) 

For RSVP, please call +603 22766077.
Visit their Facebook page : TheBallroom.MY
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