Unboxing : Nivea Skin Care

9:56 PTG

Assalamua'alaikum and good evening to all my lovely readers. As you all know, today was my last day of final exam and I'm so relief after it had ended this morning. I just felt that a rock that was on my head has vanished instantly at the moment when I walk out at the examination hall. 

So, as you'll know, today I just received a very big box from Brother GDex, and I must tell you this is really a big box~!! oh my.. The Gdex brother it self took a while in bringin this parcel to my door steps and he just called me to make sure that I'm at home so he can give it to my by hand this big box. hahaha, I just weighted the box and it is almost 10 kg. I'm wondering what did I ordered / purchased for the last few weeks yah? ermmmm~~~.. no, nothing rings the bells. But I'm currently waiting for Nivea parcel to arrived... I guess it must be it. right..
Let's see my unboxing video down here, as I'm so excited to received a very big box today. So i just couldn't resist myself on making one video. hahahaah
Me, my pyjamas and a big big box~! 

Here are the pictures that I took after I opened up the box. A box is filled with Nivea Products. 

They are giving me 5 paper bag that are filled with lotions, body conditioner and many more. 

Ok, Done with all the video and pictures, So now you'll know that I've received Nivea body skin care lotion, which is pretty awesome~!! Oh my. I guess after this I will be fairer than Snow White and no more Sunscreen yah! 

Wait for my full review for each products that I received from Nivea guys. Stay tunee~!
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