Unboxing my Parcel from Citra Mulia: Moisturizer, Serum and Creams

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Hello guys, how are you. I hope you're having a great time and enjoyed all the day long. 
So today, I just received a parcels from one of international company and I am so glad that it came today. I have waited from this early morning just like a mother waiting a child to come back home. hahah. Because, during the afternoon, I have to head to the faculty for a meeting and submission and I am scared that the Pos Laju guy would return the parcel to the main Pos Office. Here in Shah Alam I don't own any transportation available except either using bus or by walking. and neither of them I'm not gonna use during this final examination. Just not in the mood for hustling myself in the bus or sweating by walking. Ahh! 
But I am lucky enough because, the mail literally came after I reached home at 4 pm. And it just came after I have freshen up myself at home. Here is the parcel that I've received this morning and it was heavy. 

 What was Mike put inside here??? I hope it's gonna be good items yah! I was about to have my Hi-tea during the parcel came. heheh, and completed my references for RP. 

 Don't you see, the mug just have the same question mark on his head. Same like me. hahaha

Then, I opened up the box and I was surprised to see these items inside it. I know it's gonna be a skincare, but these includes Hand and Body Moisturizer which I had never have before and it came in 2 big bottles. Two serum, for day and night by The Face and a face moisturizer Cream AB by Dr. Herbal! OMG. I can't wait to try it and wrote reviews for it.

These products are from Citra Mulia Cosmetics Sdn Bhd that is a  Distributor for one of the most well known beauty product and skin care in Indonesia. Now, they are coming to Malaysia to further their empire plus to make Malaysian skins better by using the technology they made. (I will explain further about this in my products reviews). 

So that's all from me now, I want to have a good night sleep after opened my parcel. Haha. hope you'll will sleep tight like a bunny bear yah! 

Bye,   Love.
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