Tips and Review: How to Distress & Heavens to Earth Essential Oil/Air Breeze

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Assalamua’laikum wbt and good morning everyone.
This morning, when I just woke up I just had this idea on making an entry about
How to De-stress yourselves. 

But first let us know what stresses are first. There are various types of stress that you should know in your daily life so that you know which kind of stress and what the types of meditational are or effort that you should do or take in order to de stress.

1. Acute Stress
This is the common kind of stress that majority people around you and yourself have it. It may cause by the pressure with your deadlines, exhausting daily works, or stress by a tons of homework or assignments at work place or study that tends to make us tension. It can also cause by the pan that you get from various kind of diseases that you suffers for example are the muscular problem, digestive problems, or because of high-blood pressure.

2. Episodic acute stress
This types of stress are the types of seldom people have it, for example, they are always in a rush but eventually that  they are still late,  they take too much negative energy into themselves that makes them to become short tempered, irritable, always in anxious ad in tense. They don’t feel any happiness in them, in what they do and they just keep on blaming and saying that it’s all his fault or their fault. Plus the words that they are saying are always the harsh words. So for those who have this kind of stress, you better do something in order to get better so that you won’t loss friends with this kind of bad attitude.

3. Chornic stress 
Last is the chronic stress. This is where you have the BIG problems in your life which can make your day stress the whole time. For example: trap in a horrible and unhappy marriage, dysfunctional family, and also stressful workplace. Some people tends to let these problem in their life, as they think that this is their faith to  live with but they didn't know that all lives must be life happily, the choice you make in life are important. For those who has this kind of stress, they better go to the experts for help and not do something illegal such as suicide. Suicide does not solve the problems, but to cause everyone that loves you to stress out!

So here are some tips that you can do in order to distress,

 How to distress?
1. Switch off your phones. Avoid any contact with the outside world and focus more in your own personal time. 

2. As I mention before, there are methods to distress from your problems, as some of this methods are the religious one, but you can also make in your own religious way.

For Muslims, we have our God that it the all Mighty Allah swt to ask for help. This is that way we can communicate to Him by having our prayers. This is also a type of meditation because praying can bring peace and harmony to us. You can tell anything and ask for His opinion and guide in life. So guys ad a reminder for myself, Please don’t ever skip your prayer.

3.Next is to listen to harmonious music or zikir. This is what I did when I feel like I have something that bothers be and make me uncomfortable. Listen to the zikir of the calm music and imagine that you are at the  very nice place with a river on your feet. The calmness that it brings to you are endless! Beseides the meaning of the zikirs are the praises to Our Prophet Muhammad SAW and For Allah SWT. I’m sure that you can feel calm and easy to fall asleep with this method.

4. Do your own meditation for example yoga. I seldom do yoga nowadays, but from my past experience, this is a method that can also bring peace. As some poses while yoga can circulate our blood throughout our body.

5. Besides that, you can also do an aromatherapy at home too. For me, the scents by the surrounding can help to make my mind at a peace state. Just sit and enjoys the scent. You can use the burning sensation by mixing essential oils in the candle or base oil and burn it. Or place the essential oil around your nerves, nose,  forehead and back of your ears. Just sit and be calm. Try to think that every problem in this world has the way to solve it and there is no need to stress out.

6. Lie down and relax your body, make it free from everything and just here a good songs can usually make your day. This is a kind of music therapy that I usually do at home lately.

7. Enjoy your food. Eat anything that is unhealthy for example cakes of instant noodles and enjoy it at a moment. Yeah, I know that this is not a good thing, but this might help you to de stress by enjoying something simple.

8. Playing with your cats. At home, I have a lots of cats and you know, every time I played with them, I just feel the positive energy flows inside me again. I can feel that, they are there for me. The moment I feel sad or stress of, just go talk to them about your problem.

 The know what are your saying, just that they cannot reply back to us. If not, they will be our therapist besides of human. Hahaha. Can you imagine that our cat is a therapist? this would it be like.. he would listen and make this kinda face. and said " what is your problem girl??"

9. Read Al-Quran and know the meaning. This is one method to de stress. Find a time to read a page or two. If not one short Surah is sufficient already. For me, my favourite Surah is Al-Mulk.

10. Look at your mum’s face. If you have your mum’s pictures wheather it is in your laptop, in your purse or everywhere, that is the heaven’s face.

this picture was my favourite! A family selfie.
 Please make sure that you keep a photo of your mum because that face are the priceless. During childhood, they are the one who distress us. Bought us toys, calm us with their calming voice and make our dream came true.

So, these are the types of methods that you can apply in your daily life in order to distress. I hope that this can helps you and for those who want to buy the essiantial oil that I used in my aromatherapy can just easily go to

I'm using Heaven on Earth Sweet Dream Essential Oil/Air Breeze and the scents are so refreshing. It has the mint  and lemon kinda smell which make it so much better from others. Plus, when I rub it at my nose, it has this little mint kind of sensation, A warm feeling with a mint smell which for m is a good thing to have at home.

Here I am using this red jar, I don't know what is it called, but a place where you can add the candles and pour some oils at the upper side or some dry scent flowers. This was a gift from me to my husband during our dating days last year and I have to used this for my experimentation. It's quite good, because the essential oil was able of spread the odor to the entire space with or without the candles lighten.

I just drops some of the essential oil at the top of this thing and lighten up the candles. In just a second, the scents of mint will spread and you can enjoy the odor with a peaceful mind. 

The content of this essential oil are purely 100% oils. that is rich with: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Cedar Wood and Peppermint. Which it is great for aromatherapy.

click on
Thanks to Hishop for having this awesome aromatherapy essential oil!I have wanted this essential oil for so long and I just found that they have this Heaven to Earth brand which I know is a well known essential oil company form Australia. The price for this essential oil is RM69.00. And for those who wanted to buy this essential oil or want to try some other scents, just head to now. 
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Thanks for reading guys. I love you. 
Till then 
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