Product Review: Instant whitening Effect by Chamos Acaci : The Bright Hinijini Dressing Soft Milky Cream Whitening Effect

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Assalamua'laikum to my Muslim readers and Hello to everyone.

Today I am back with more product reviews, and the product that I'm gonna review is Supermodels Secrets that is  Chamos Acaci : The Bright Hinijini Dressing Soft Milky Cream Whitening Effect. Asian women love to make themselves fair and to have that type of skin, they are willing to buy instant whitening cream. So here, I'm suggesting all of you to use this Chamos Acaci: The Bright Hinijini Dressing Soft Milky cream because it is effective and gives you the result instantly.

Product information: 

"Double function of whitening and anti-wrinkle and free preservative"
From that statement, we know that this product have dual function, just not to whiten your skin up, but also it is anti-wrinkle which is awesome. We can hide all our wrinkle, dark spots and scars using this plus it is free preservative. 

The features of the products:

1. Immediate effects: It makes your skin white as soon as you rub it onto your skin. If you increase its amount and increase its lasting time according to the circumstances and the condition of your skin.
2. Whitening effect: Arbutin makes your dark skin tone to clean
3. Anti-wrinkle effect : wrinkle -improving ingredients, Adenosine, helps to improve your drooped skin or fine wrinkles.
4.  Snail mucus ingredient adds soothing and moisturizing effects to your skin and makes your skin smooth and refreshing.



1. Rub a small amount evenly over the part that you wanna whiten (face,neck, hands, arms and foot). You must rub it evenly on your skin, so it would not look like patchy onto your skin. Rub at least 2-3 minutes. Make sure that you rub in a little amount for the first time and you can add it more if you want your skin to be more brighter. 
2. After applying the cream to the surface that you want, wait for 2 minutes to let the cream to absorb into your skin. Then you must wash the surface with a warm water. (here you can adjust the white surface if it is too white for you) 
3. lastly, you can apply your toner, moisturizer and makeup. DONE!

  here I've made a video, special for you guys, so that you can see the effectiveness of the product it self. 

From my experience using it, I found that this milky cream give me whitening effect in a short of time. plus, I can adjust the white effect onto my skin my putting more cream to my skin. Now, I can have a fairer skin not just on the face, but also on arms, hands and my foot. 

The texture for the cream is light too. there is no sticky kinda feeling and it absorb well onto your skin. there is no burning effect after applying onto the skin, which for me is consider is a good thing compare to others lotion.

Plus the ingredients are safe too, Free Paraben and most of the ingredients are extracts from various of plants, such as Ginger, Aleo vera, Soybean,Ginseng and many more. You can read it by your self ya.. 

Apart from that, it also give me the lifting effects as its claim to be, and I realize that, my face was quite tight after applying it.

The size of the product for me is not that big, compare to other lotion available. It can easily fit in my bag and I can used it whenever I want to. Haha, So now you know Asian women just love to have fair skins. And to have instant fair skin I suggest you to buy this NOWWW!

Where to buy this?

Head on to, because they have a tonnes of promotion happening right now. Plus, they ship world wide. So if you are now at US, don't worry, they can ship it to your door steps. 

*Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store"SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang JayaWebsite :
Blog    :
 Instagram: @supermodels_secrets

Hope you all enjoy my review and thanks for reading. Wait for more review in my upcoming post. Thanks guys.

Good luck, 


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