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Assalamua'laikum and good afternoon to all my readers. 
Today I'm back with another review or can I called it a description about this little guy that is call Beauty Blender. I know, many of you guys who already used this and you are very very satisfied with the result right! yeah, same with me. 

For those who don't know yet what is i'm talking here, especially for the newbie in Makeup, i'm refering to this beauty Blender form Supermodel Secrets. This is essentials for you guys in applying your cream, foundations, concealer and anything that is in cream base. Because it's just gives you the flawless look as a  barbie doll. Although you are not a barbie doll like. hahahah 
But anyways, I've been using this almost 4 years and I'm very satisfy with  the quality of my previous beauty blender, because of it's durability and sustainability. hahah (engineering words). The beauty blender that I 1st bought was in 2010 or 2011, i'm not sure if it because it was a long time ago yah.. And I still have it here in my glass.

Now, I have my new beauty blender that I got from Supermodels Secret, and this time, I had this round shape kinda BB. And I tell you what, it is amazingggg.... why do I tell you that, first because of the price, very cheap! 
next is the spongey effect! just love to squeeze them when it is wet. heheh, 
Lastly, is the result after using it! it is just amazballs my dear. I know, because I'm using it for 1 months already and every time I'm applying my foundation, it is just amazing.

Here I just recorded my beauty talk, Its about the difference between my 3 beauty blender that I have so far now. You can see the video here. And it is in Malay language. 

You can either used the tip to apply it on the nose area, where it can reach your critical area so well. It has this sharp tip that is design to reach at your nose sides. 

And also, it has this very round bottom that I love so much! This round surface can give the clear and even foundation to your face. No more patchy foundation on the face and any lines due to the brushes you used. 

 You must be wondering, where can you get this babies ya? for my friends who are in Overseas, you can just visit:

*Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store"

SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya
 +6016 280 1990 (SMS/Whatsapp)


pissssttt: Girls, They shipped worldwide...! Don't forget to get it here at Supermodel's Secrets. 
Till then, 
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