Party Of The Century at Empire City Damansara

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Hello everyone, I am such a lucky girl yah! I just want to scream last night when I got invited to this grand event that will be on this Friday at the Empire City Damansara, that isssss: Party of the Century!!! Now, every blogger are keen to go to this party and I am one of the luckiest person on Earth to be invited and selected by Budiey one of the well know blogger in Malaysia. Thank Budiey for choosing me as a winner.. 

During this event, they will be many celebrities around the world will come and join the Party, as this will be the main event in Malaysia. Only invited people will be joining them there. Some of my favorite artist will be there too such as : Paris Hilton, 2am ( I hope there will be no more hugging scenes ya!) , Taboo from Black Eyed Please ( My hump, my hump, my hump,) hahah.. 
And many more~~~

The theme for this party will be the Great Gatsby theme, where everybody needs to dress like it's in the 1920s. I just love the makeup in 1920s, Because they have this sad kind of eyes, with a dark red lipstick. Plus their outfits are stunning!!Glittery dress with so many labochi on it, Plus, some of the girls wear a hat or accessories on their head. :) This is for my free hair friends who are going. I was informed by Syafiera that they are having Makeup session and hair do before the Party! I'm soooo jelly.. hahaha.. but nevermind, I am planning to get a spa first at The curve, before heading to The Emipire City for the party. heheh..  

Here are some outfit ideas that Party of the Century given to their guest. And I am very excited!! Last month I just bought the 1920s fashion high heels from Chirsty Ng, and this is the time for me to used it! I am waiting for this kind of event to used it. hehe. Now, I just need to find my top and some accessories for the party. Because I'm wearing a Hijab, it is hard for me to used this kind of dresses, I don't want to show of my Lumps an my Humps to the public ya.. :Later on, will bring controversy in Malaysia. hahah. Tak pasal2 jadi fames beta ni.. 
 I just love the long dress and the accesories that they are wearing. such elegant and classy look. I don't know where to look this kind of accesories here in Shah Alam. Maybe I will find some in KL. 

Plus, this head wraps and flower. wow! and the pearl necklace. look stunning on her.

 So here are some of 1920s style that I browse through in the internet, which I found not too expose and yet classy~ But during that night I might be wearing a skirt, blouse top and also a floppy hat with some pearls accessories. Hope that they will let me in yah~! hehehe

But for those who wanted to sponser my outfits for that night, you are welcome to do so, Currently I am looking for Outfit Sponser which can be related to my theme and I hope that some of you who are generous to promote their brand here in my blog will contact me ASAP through email with a title : Sponser outfit fo Party of The Century.

I'll be waiting for your email guys. Have a pleasent day and thanks for reading my blog. Later on I'll update on my makeup tutorial for this event. Stay tunee....

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  1. My planner really was there every step of the way. And because of her help we were able to hold the wedding just as I had imagined it all along. I am extremely thankful to the party planner and the assistants for their help.


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