Makeup Tutorial: Purple Smokey Eyes

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Assalamua'laikum to all my friend and Hello.. :) 

Purple may not be something that most women want to try on, when it comes in applying eyeshadow. If you apply it wrongly, it may be turn like a bruises or somebody had just punch you at the eye, hahaha, (Both Side of course) 

Today, I'm going to teach you on making a Simple Purple Smokey Eyes by using my Elf Studio Makeup Palette. Here is my video on the makeup tutorial and later at the bottom of this entry I will place some of my pictures after completing all the makeup steps.

Did you saw my makeuo tutorial? I'm so sorry because I did take a long time to make this tutorial but anyways, here are the final look. Enjoy.. 

I started with my bare face, and here you will not noticed my imperfection skin due to the camera trick. Haha,, But anyways, I really like this palette because it just gives me the subtle kinda look, Not too dramatic and over the top. I can use this look as my daily look and it just fits me everywhere. Below are some of the photos after I finished my makeup. :) Today I just did my contouring routine, because I just found my contouring palette in my makeup box! Yippie....!

You can see that my face have a little bit dimension and not that round like a moon kind of face after I apply the brown contouring color on my nose and a little bit on my lower cheek.

 I am not a favor in using falsie and please bare with my naked eye lashes. I do have a long lashes but it seems like it did not appeared in this camera. huhuhu.. I just used my Smokey Mascara to help me with the lashes. :)

Here I will list down all the makeups that I used and I hope this can helps you in making your own Purple Smokey eye:

Eyeshadow Palette: Elf Studio Beauty Book (smoky look) by Supermodel Secret
Foundation: ZA Liquid Foundation 04
Blusher : I just bought it from a drug store ( i didn't know the brand)
Lipstick: Avon Lipstick: Coral
Mascara : Bobbi Brown Mascara Smokey Eye
Lipsglose : I made my self this lipglose , Color: Dark purple
Powder: NYX Grinding powder

So guys, wait for more makeup tutorial with more fun colors, 
Till then, 
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