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Hai everyone. It's January now and next month will be the month of LOVE: February. I know many of you guys are excited to celebrate and go out to date with your love ones, but as for me, every time I went out with my hubby is a day that is fill with JOY and LOVE. 

 February is the Month of Valentine's and this time around Enchanteur is having a contest that is called  Journey of Love. This contest was in conjunction to Valentine's day and here we can share our love story and gets to win Prizessss.. How cool is that!! 

Let's me show you what are the prizes are : 

  1. The Grand Winner will walk away with a GoPro Hero 4 Action Camera. Wow!! OMG, I want these babies so much, for my Vlogs. This probably can cost you around RM1500++.
  2. 5 consolation winners will win Enhanteur product and of course they their signature perfumes.
  3. And for most voted entry will wins Mystery gifts~!!
How great is that guys. Just a click away can make you win these awesome products y Enchanteur. Now, let me guide you to make one of these videos so it is easy for you to do it yourself later. 

The steps are :
1. To start, click on the "Start Now!" button on the picture above.
2. Then it will appear a interface for you to choose your Journey of love photos. And here are mine. It was a journey since we first met dating and our wedding day.

3. then, tell your story on the Box provided below. It must not more than 50  words yah.You can either write the things that you wanna say to your hubby, or your Love Quotes or even your first time meet up with your husband. Mine was the story when I met him during our first meet up. haha, kinda funny story.. Use your creativity here guys. 

 5. Click on the next button. Then you will select a template for your slide show. Choose either one. which one best describe your relationship with your husband.
6. Lastly, Preview your slide show and share it to the facebook page.! 

 Now you're done in editing your own slide show by Enchanteur. The last thing that you need to do is ask your friends to like your slide show. 

This contest isn't about winning the prize, here I can see back the first moment that me and hubby meet during July last year. And right now, we're married already. That is love right. It doesn't care the time that you and your bf had been together, but the hard time that you go through together. The patience, the love and the trust that you and your hubby built. 

For some other people that marriage to a stranger is not good. because you have not known him better well. But you know what, married to a stranger, its kinda good thing. I'm have been surprise with his talents, his kindness, his patience, his way to teach me about life and cook too. I'm such a bad cooker. huhuhu. I admit it, my husband is better that me in cooking. 

The moment that we've got married,I was crying like a baby because I know that now, I'm his wife and I will not be my parents responsibility. All my heart and soul will be his and the one that I really care is to have my husband blessing in life. 

" If a husband Redha in what you do, you will have Allah' s blessing for the rest of your life"

So that is my journey of  Love will inspired you to make your own slideshow about your Journey of Love with Enchanteur. 
Go to Enchanteur facebook page now to share your Journey of Love.

For those who wanna see my slideshow, please go to this link and click on the LIKE button too. heheh(vote for me too yah!)

Journey of Love :Naomie & Benn 

Till then, 
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