Food Review: The Best Steamboat&BBQ in KL : Pak John Steamboat & BBQ at eCurve Mall

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Assalamua’laikum wbt and hello everyone. This year, my entry will be more focused on the event, product review, and food review. All my personals life story will be post to my other blog, which I will link in to you in my next entry. Insya Allah

So, today, I’m gonna tell you about something that might be interesting as, this activity, I seldom do it with my official photographer (hubby). And here we are, at Pak John Steamboat and BBQ at E-Curve for a food review. I was so lucky to be selected to do a food review on the food that are special in Pak John Steamboat and BBQ .

Let us start:
1. Location
There are two location of Pak John Steamboat and BBQ,

 (i) At Wangsa Walk Mall and
(ii) eCurve Mall

The accommodation of the outlet is very big, and comfortable. 4700 square feet of spaces that can fit in at least 260 visitors in a time. The tables are arrange accordingly and it was not too compact. We can easily walk in and out from our tables to the food display to pick up foods.

the placement of the tables and chairs are not too crowded
 They provide live band performance for the entertainment to the visitors from 6-10 pm in weekends. During that day, Azhar Mustafa performed many songs such as, Belaian Jiwa, Kau Ilhamku and many other song. His voice just keeps on winding inside my head after that night! Hahahah.

performance by Azhar Mustafa. 

2. The Foods
There are many varieties of food, drinks and desserts that they serve. From my observation, there are at least 100 types of foods, such as, variety of chickens and meats for bbq, fresh vegetables, four premium items (later I will tell you more about this) Dimsum, Teppanyaki, Burgers, IceCreams, Drinks includes, coffee and juices.

Variety of meat and fresh veges
many types of ready made food also available.
Salmon are their signature dishes here, Fresh salmons awaits the guest. Aurmmmm!
They have garlic, mushroom, blackpaper,and another  exclusive types are coffee chicken. (must try). They also serve Imported Salmon from Norway that are exclusively available here at Pak John Steamboat and BBQ. I was so thrill to try grill salmon and to spice it u, I ‘cecah’ it with Thai Green Chilli sauce. Omo!
Salmon fins? yah!
There are variety of sauces to “CECAH” it with your grill meats such as, Thai sauce, Belacan  Sauce, Sweet Sauce, Thai Green Chili, Soya Sauce, Garlic Chili Sauce and their latest sauce is Pineapple Sauce.

Oh, I forgot, The soup for the steamboat are, Beef Bone Soup, Chicken Soup, Miso Soup, Curry soup, and the most requested soups are their Tomyam Soup and Prawn Soup. I was informed by the Melvin Chin the General Manager that they made all the soup using homemade items, which really gives the kick in every soups!!!

many types of soups. I prefer their tomyam soup, because, just the tomyam taste are very very very..... I don't know what to describe it!
What me and hubby pick and eat: Salmon, coffee beef, blackpaper chicken, Premium item(slice lamb, abalone, smoke duck) my hub ate; speghetti, fried fish fillets, and I don't know what is in the mug in the pic above. haha

Haaaa! About the four premium and exclusive items that Pak John offers are the must try items:
1. Abalone Slides
2. New Zealand Lamb Slices
3. Austrialia Beef Slice
4. Smoke Duck Breat

Before this I have never tried Abalone, which actually I didn’t know about it existence. Hahahahah! For those who don’t know what is Abalone, in Malay we called in LALA. A giant LALA. Memang sedap bila di panggang!
Fresh seafood also available.
These premium items are served in the kitchen, which we must order it from the chefs for it. This is to maintain the freshness of the items and to make sure that all the ingredients are slices thinly using their high technology slicer. I was so amazed looking at one of the chefs that slices all the premium meats. So skilful!

Ahaaaaa! Not to forget the burgers, new Zealand beef noodles is one of my favourite items in Pak John Steamboat and BBQ. I get myself a whole plate full with big fat noodles with beef and mix with veges. I just couldn’t resist the noodles, with the mashed potatoes, and also 2 sliced of sweet fried chicken.

I want the noodle’s recipe, but i know I am bad at cooking. Or can you give me some leftover of the it. Huaaaaaaa (T_T) masih terkenang rasa mee gemok tu di mulutku.. dan daging new Zealand yang sungguh enak.. Aurmmm..

Plus not to forget the burgers. Wah! A burger that is so creamy with mayonise. I love creamy food and that can make me fat like panda kinda food. Hahahah
The deserts that they offers are, Dadih,  fresh fruits, Vanilla Icecream and Aickrim potong. The Vanilla Ice cream can be eaten with a slice of chocolate waffles or with some cute kaya balls. They also serve Dimsum but unfortunately,  I didn’t get the chance to taste the dimsum. But who knows, next time I will be invited again to Pak John Steamboat for any events right.. hehehe.

 The most important is...., It has been classified as Halal food from Jakim. Alhamdulillah, Now we can eat all and everything without any suspicion on the Halal tag. 
Me eating. (tak pandang kiri dan kanan tuuuu)
Mr. Melvin are socializing with the guest. He is quite a friendly man.  
Not only they serve for visitor, they offer rooms for private’s party or events, as they have two VIP room for the guest. They price for Buffet sets “All You Can Eat” are differ for weekdays and weekend.

Weekdays ( Monday till Thursdays ) = RM46.00++
Weekend (Friday till Sunday)= RM49.00++

The promotions at Pak John Steamboat and BBQ are:

1. A birthday party at Pak John with 5 persons will be give free one persons for the birthday girl/boy.
2. Every Tuesday and Thursday are ladies night, 20% for the ladies.
3. Show them the students card for diskaunts of 30% everyday on 10am – 5pm.
4. 250 seats at Ecurve outlets, suitable for party, dinner night, annual dinner and so on.
5. They have 2 VIP rooms; VIP 1 can fits in 14 pax and VIP 2 can fit 8 pax. If insist in using both rooms, no charges will applied.

For the records, this is the best Steamboat and BBQ that I’ve ever taste before, not to say because I got it to do a food review, but this is from my honest opinion. All the staff are friendly, especially Melvin. He taught me about Salmon Fish, what are the best foods that they serve and also he recommends us what to try.  
Love to see him smile! hahahah, so cuteee.. 
During the event, I've met new bloggers; Wendy Pua and Halim Brothers. I'm so honoured to meet them in persons,as they are really a great blogger and also great in personality. Wendy is a  lifestyle blogger and Halim is the founder of Hai Blogger comunity club. He is such a talker and great advisor. :) Hope to meet you again Halim and Wendy. 
So last but not least, foto time!
with some others bloggers. 
 I really enjoy eating at Pak John Steamboat and BBQ, and you can see I can stop smiling to see my tummy is keep on forwarding. ahahahahha..

I guess that's all from me, For those who are keen to look for the best steamboat in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya, I'm suggesting you go to Pak John Steamboat and BBQ. You will not regret it. 
Credits to my official Cameraman: Benn Sayers for these beautiful shots. 
 Till then, 
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  1. These guys are pro at their work and they were willing to be flexible in order to help my day-of coordinator come in and set up at any time. The service at Boston restaurants was superb.


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