Youth United Carnival at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam

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Havoc at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam with the grand finale for Youth United Festival. Yeayyy! An event that was held last Sunday 14th of December. Me as the youth Icon was there for the prize giving. That day I received a Honor 6 smartphone! 

and as a youth icon, there were task given to us. some of the task are quite simple but some of it were really hard for me. for example, asking for likes in facebook. simple!, next asking for votes, also simple! filling a form for visitors at website, hard! (T-T)
asking for pictures was hard because some of the visitors are not that sporting. asking for selfies with we.. simple!!!!!! yeay!. 
so basically, our task was to ask people to votes for us and to publish photos to instagram. using our new phone. Honor 6. this phone really did a good job as it capture a great picture even with the front camera. The front camera has 5 megapixel lence and main camera is 16. really capture a great photos during the event. so let me share some of the photos that I've taken during the event.

meet some other youth icon, this is Afiq, he won the best of the best youth icon.. and bring back home a Honor Tab! lucky guy yah! from UKM

Testing the camera with hubby. He accompanied me the whole day. although he just sitting in the aircond booth. ahakz!

we ate kuetiaw sup with extra daging at Pasar Kasar. people around here loves to shop at Pasar Kasar because the price is very cheap compare to other places. 

Kue tiaw Sup. 

meet Intan Lydyana, she is so cute and stunning.! oh my.. 

meet my hero! he just love to smile that way. I called it "senyum hensem"

here are Rabecca and Chistine, the organizer of Youth Icon

more selfie. I think this front camera can challenge the Iphone 6. so sharp and just like using the bsck camera.

with beautiful Anne, she is from Unisel. only 18 years old, but I think she is far more matured than me. ahakszzz!

the one thing that my husband and i love so much is ice cream! wahhah.. 

So below are the pictures for the challenge. I have to take photos of public people at the carnival and here are some of the photos that I captured. 

next challenge are taking Selfies/groupfie. hahah, this me me and hubby in the aircond booth..

with the HONOR GIRLS. So pretty. :) 

Pakcik dengan anak dia pun makan ice cream ok! hehehe :) thanks pakcik, Sporting!

A group of young ladies. I just love the way they dress. and thanks girls,.. 

You see, I want the dress tooo!!!!!!! omo3..

and lastly, selfie with Fahrin Ahmad, heheh, Handsome guy yah!

So that are some of the photos that I've taken during the event. I'm not a photography experts and some of the photos I got were the randoms one. Please do not judge my skill in photo taking. I know I'm bad with it. huhuhu. but overall, I really enjoy during the day.  meeting new friend, talking to public and received and awesome prize. Later I will talk to you about my experience using Honor 6. 

till then ,
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