Win Honor 6 and Trip to Langkawi. Yeayyyyy!!

6:52 PTG

Helo everyone. I wanna share a great news that i just got an hour ago. that was......
Winning a Huawei Honor 6 and have a trip to Langkawi!!!!!!!!!
I just never thought that I will win this competition by Youfie. This competition was organized by Youth United and the audition was held during their road trip UiTM last month. I was so fortunate to be chosen as their ambassador for UiTM as this will be my greatest achievements in UiTM Shah Alam besides my other extra activities.  
So, just now, Chirstine just called me and informed me that I have won the hand phone and the trip to Langkawi. this is so exited, as this will be my 2nd time to visit Langkawi. I hope I can bring my husband too. yeay! heheheh. 
Tomorrow, I have to come to their office for video recording and photo shooting. I am so nervouse! Oh Mai.. what should I wear.. huhuhuh.. ok, chill naomie.. rilex!!
ok,people. I just wanna share the good news with you and I hope that next year I will have a great news to be told again. yeaaaaaaay...!
May the prosper be by our side, Amiin..
Till then, 
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