Tips : Stay safe while driving folks!

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During this rainy seasons, I would like to ask all Malaysians to be aware while driving. There are many deadly accident cases have been happening and we don't want it to keep on increasing in each year. Especially during this rainy seasons which the roads are obviously wet all the time. 

For me, there is no need to rush while driving. You can just drive accordingly, with peace and calm situation. But beware, not to have a day dream while driving. Please make sure that if you're driving slowly, keep on the left side of the lane, not the middle. We always bump to this kind of drivers and it is such an annoying act to have a slow car crawling in the middle of the highway! 

Remember that in highway your limits are 110km/hr and keep left if you're driving slow. Make sure to fasten the seat belt and keep calm all the time. You don't want to drive with angry or in a sad mood because it will influence your driving attitude.   

Some tips, please know the road you're taking before you start your journey and pray/ make a Doa too. This can avoid us to waste all the fuel (as it is keep in increasing in each year in Malaysia) and to have a barakah trips. 

Now, I can have my own GPS (my husband) to got to anywhere. he knows KL just like the back of his hand. hahahah.
 Drive safe people, 
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