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Yeay!!!!  my shoe has arrived!! I'm so excited to see parcels for me came today. Thanks to Abang Pos Laju to sent my parcels here. Today I have received two parcels. A box which I know that is my heels  and also a parcel from Supermodel Secrets.

Many of you may heard about Christy Ng Shoes as she is one of the top wedding shoe designers. So, during this Year End Sale (YES), Christy Ng is making promotion on selected shoes / heels which for me is an insane promotion! OMG. 

Because of this YES I'm gonna treat myself a sexy high heels from Christy Ng collection. So here I am, browsing Christy Ng website to look for promotion. From my observation, she has a beautiful, stunning and sexy kind to heels and made me wanna cry to see the price. All the price for highheels are quite high but some of them are not more then RM100. (wedges)
So, I continue my search for an affordable yet stunning heels. and violah!!!

This heels is what I need for new year!! I love the design of the heel, it show an elegance side of me and the design is a royal design. I seldom have this types of color because I usually prefers a colorful heels such as pink, whites, peach, or orange. So, this time a royal grey is just a perfect type for me. 
For me, each time I used high heels ,  I just feel like my confidence level increase. As it boost the confidence and also the beauty. 

I can feel that my legs are slimmer if i'm using a pair of high heels. hahah, But anyways, I do have a thin leg compare to my body shape.


  • 4" heel with 0" platform approx
  • Grey
  • PU, Satin, Cow Leather Back Counter and other man made materials
  • Synthetic Rubber Non Slip Sole

These snack pattern mary janes you see are handcrafted from high quality PU, genuine cow leather, and other man made materials. They come with a beautiful black mary jane strap and black buckle on the toe box.
Source from : Christy Ng Shoe websites

me in the toes. I have not put any makeup on, so please mind my cartoon face. 

For more promotion and details about Chrsty Ng shoes, You'll can check her website. Promotion is still available until tomorrow only. So hurry!!

Till then, 
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