Review: Birghten up your eyes with Miss Doozy Shine 80-Color Shadow

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Assalamua'laikum everyone. 
Today i'm back with another product review about an eyeshadow palette by Miss Doozy Shine 80-Color Shadow, which I really love it. I know previously I have purchase the Sleek Makeup Palette, but 12 colours are'nt enough for me. Besides, it's just matte eyeshadow. I've noticed that, the smell of the palattes were the smell of baby. Then I've looked to the ingredients that they used, mainly talcum that are pressed into eye shadow palettes. No wonder it smells like baby powder.

This palette has 80 colors, full with variety mixed up color combinations. Here, I have numbered it with every mini palette as all the mini combination surely are great combinations. the colors are very vibrant and striking color. Plus, all the colors are in shiny color plus they are very pigmented! 

Here are some of the swatches that I've made and all of them showed great results. But I have noticed that, some of the colors are repeatedly  such as the green and milky white.

The combination are very striking but some of them are quit vibrant.
 I love the combination of white and black 
here you can see, how shiny they are and all the colors are very pigmented.
I found it less powdery compare to other palettes.
Some of the colors show repeatedly in other mini palettes.   
The gold colors are great! I love it. 
So today, i'm using the green and gold color, and these color combination really brighten up the eyes. These are some photos of me using the bright green and gold color. 

This photos should not be here, because it is reserved for the Honor 6 review. But anyways, I could not resist the eye shadow and my cuteness here. hahaha

From my experience using this palettes, it's really worth buying.  They have bright shiny colors, very pigmented, less powdery, and cheap too! 

I have bought this during our visit at the Central Market Kuala Lumpur and I suggest, all of you to go there and buy some great stuff too, with affordable price too!

Price : RM45.00
(worth money)

Where to buy: Central Market KL

So that's all for my review on Miss Dozzy 80 Shine Color Palette.
wait for my next review on my latest phone! Honor 6. 

Till then, 
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