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Hello ladies and makeup lovers, It’s been a while I did not write about product reviews due to my tight schedule and busy life as a student. So today, I’m gonna share with you’ll a quick review on the  award-winning La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® wipes.

This makeup remover consist of two types, Waterproof  makeup remover and Oil-free face cleanser.

First, let me talk first about the Waterproof makeup remover.
I know that nowadays, our mascara usually is a waterproof mascara, as we don’t want any droplets or smudges while using it or expose to the rain. But we have a hard time to removes  all the mascara, as many face cleanser did not do the job very well. Therefore, to save your money and save your face from ruining, let’s use the La Fresha Waterproof Makeup Remover. Both wipes is alcohol free and suitable for eyes and lips. Plus, it is free form Paraben. (harzodous chemicals)

Source: La Fresh Facebok. click on the pictures to buy this wipes 

These are the ingredients that they use in the wipes. It contains, Olive oil, Jojoba, Sesame, Grapeseed Vitamin E and Lavender. For me, the natural ingredients are very important to use and not many of wipes offers these kind of great stuff. 
Obviously, this wipes are free from Paraben, Sulfates, Alcohol, Petrochemicals, Dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrance, and animal byproducts 

This wipes is so thin, and light. 
Here I've made an experiment to test the wipes out. I swatch my waterproof mascara from Bobbi Brown. You can see after first swatch with the Waterproof wipes, the mascara are 90% gone!

the wipes has thin texture and not to damp.
I swatched my Bobbi Brown waterproof mascara on my hand for experimental.

the result from the first  stroke, really wipes all the mascara off! 
the 2nd time I stroked the wipes and it's really cleans off the mascara.  
From my own experience using this wipes, it’s really good! Not that I’m just saying because it’s free, but from my own thought. The wipes really did a great job on removing the waterproof mascara.
Although I did not like the odor, but just bare it for a while. After cleaning your face with the wipes, make sure to wash your face with face cleanser.

Next, is for the oil free Face Cleanser wipes. This wipes are suitable for everyday use. It’s oil free and has great scents like a pineapple scent. It also removes the makeup efficiently. I tried to remove my butterfly makeup using this wipe, and it really removes all the stain.

 These are the contents in the wipes, it has Aloe, Cucumber, Papaya, Pineapple, Marshmallow, Vitamins C and E and made with clean renewable solar energy. 

About the scent of this wipes, for me it has a pineapple scents which I don't really like but the application for this product is great. This is suitable for any types of skin and it will removes all the dirt in just two stokes! So once again I've made an experiment with this wipe. 

The texture of the wipes are thin and not to damp.

I have swatched 4 different eyeshadow from the Sleek Makeup i-Divide Matte pallet.

The first stroke! 
I can say almost all of the eyeshadows were gone.Great yah!

2nd stroked with the wipes.completely gone!

From the experiments that I've did, both wipes shows a good result. All the dirt are completely gone after two time strokes to the dirt and eye shadow. Therefore, I am highly recommend this wipes to all the makeup geeks like myself to purchase and have this wipes in your makeup box.

  1. really cleanse waterproof mascara
  2. just in 2 strokes, completely gone!
  3. thin and light texture
  1. The odors. I don't favor it much

Price: RM16.80 for  8 small packets 
Where to buy: La Fresh Official Websites

Visit their facebook page for more informations: LA FRESH Malaysia

Thanks for reading my reviews.
Till then,
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  1. Hi sis, memang best pakai ni, 2 kali je sy lapkan, memang terus hilang.. :)

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  3. Hi Amalina Hussain, memang senang nak tanggal kan makeup. plus, its alcohol freeeeeeeeeee!


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