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Assalamua'laikum and good evening to all my lovelies 
After a hectic day finishing my works, lastly I can have the time to make a reviews and sharing my experience using a latest pallet that I bought at Luxola's website last month. 

I think I have reviewed it before, but not experiencing it right. You can read  my wishlist on this blog post here

From my experience using the i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Bright Palettes, I just give me the bright color that I like. Before this, I'm afraid using a brigther color eyeshadow, because it will not look that good for me. But, I was wrong. Brighter color give me the life and pops out the cuteness. Aww.. I also used this palettes for doing makeup for the dancers. and they love the eye makeup so much! 

This is basically the colors in the palette. I have used this before so the palette may look messy a little bit because of the powder from the pallet.

I have swatches all the colors  to my hand and the result are amazing! with only one swatch, the color are perfectly drawn. except the light pink color. it does not showed too much as the light pink does not have the bright effects. 

Here are my makeup look using this palette. 

For this look, I'm using the light pink and the green. Both are in the third line. the combination of green and pink is not much a favor combination for me, but for this palette, I'm gonna try. The results are quite good. 

I have also drawn a butterfly mask using this palette, although it might not look like a butterfly. hahah.. this was the experimentation process ya!

 For this mask, the color that I used were yellow, shocking pink and purple. for the white background, I'm using NYX creamy pencil (WHITE) and for the outline, I'm using Elianto's eyeliner. 

what I really love about this palette is, the bright matte color and the range of color available. Now, I can draw any bright colors to my eye lid and eye crease and make a perfect eyeshadow with it!

If you'r interested to buy this palette, just go to LUXOLA.COM to purchase. 

Till then, 
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