Money can buy happiness?

12:18 PTG

Hello everyone, I just wanna share my thoughts with you about being rich and being poor. For me, these two things may are just adjectives to determine your life status. But some others thinks that they better be a rich person to have a happiness. because when you're poor, no happiness will come to you. That is what some people thinks. 
But for me, become rich and wealthy is not the point to become happy. same goes to poor. Happiness can come whenever you "redha" about your life status. either it rich or poor. and with that you can feel the happiness. Redha means that you accept you life but you know that you must improve your life to a better way but not just nagging around tell that you have done wrong things that brings worst to your life. 
There are just so many people around me that show what happiness means to them, some said that doing things that you love can bring happiness, with the people you love can bring happiness, studying can bring happiness and etc. 
No matter they are poor or rich, help yourself to help others and make your love ones happy and see them smile can bring you the happiness. that's why the ringgit nowadays is not that important to make your life happy. as long as you have the money that is 'enough' is sufficient already.   
Therefore, please make your self a better you and then help others in life to bring the happiness to your self. 

Thanks for reading. 
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  1. Tak semesti nyer kaya tu bahagia, tapi tu lah segala-gala memerlukan duit sekarang nih ...


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