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Good morning everyone. 
There are some little cute things that you're like to do and see with or about your partner that can really make your day more brighter and have a whole day smiling, just keep thinking of their cute actions and faces. haahha,

Same here, as for me, me and hubby really had a limited time together because of school and works, but the time we're spending together were priceless. It's like a date before we're married. hahah. 

So, yesterday my hubby tried to sharpen a pencil using a pencil sharpener. He told me that, he never used a pencil sharpener nor succeed to have a sharp edge pencil. I just say "Whatt?'' 
But he still insist to sharpen the pencil by himself. the 1st trial was okey, he managed to get a pencil sharpen, but it won't stay long. The ink pencil broke.

 Then he said " B memang tak de bakat lah asah pensil guna pengasah ni! tengok patah daaaa... " 

I was like smiling and went to him. took the pencil for him and helped him to sharpen the pencil one more time. hahahah, now using my own technique of sharpening.

 The cutest thing was, he couldn't do it the right way while sharpening the pencil. he just like twisted the pencil very hard and straight away used the pencil.

Then, here's come your 'cool' wife to help you with that. But anyways, that is my story for husband and wife tagged. In everything their partners do, each of them must be supportive and encouraging. hope this sharing be a useful one. 

For me, a marriage is like a pencil and a sharpener. Each of us played a different role in life. One is a pencils that draw the life path, and the other one must give support and enhance their partner's skills and help them throughout the way. 

 That's all from me today for husband and wife tagged, 
May our marriage be blessed and full with happiness throughout the years. 

Till then, 
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