Giveaway Updates: The Prizes

4:09 PTG

Assalamua'laikum bloggers. 

Today I'm gonna update the prize for my 2nd Giveaway! Yippie..
I'm so glad that i've manage to get this ruffe shawls for you guys and I hope many of blogger out there can participate in joining my 2nd Giveaway. Because tomorrow will be the last day. 

So hurry up guys.. ! I have two ruffle shawl to given away. If there are enough 100 people participating, I'm gonna give both of this shawls to  the lucky winners. But if less then 100 peoples,  I going to give out only one shawl. And he/she will get the chance to chose the colors.

These are the ruffle shawls that I've pick for you guys. 

This is Tiffiny green and Coklet mud Color
This is Turqois  and bright Pink color
 There you have it, I hope many of you guys will participate with my 2nd Giveaway. So both of these shawls can be yours.. !! Thanks to all that have participated in my 2nd giveaway and soon, my third giveaway will begin. Wait for the great news guys.. 

The winners will be contacted via Blog Post. Please be alert with my blog entry. I will announce the winner next week. 

Adiyos guys. 

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