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Assalamua'laikum everyone. Last Saturday, I was invited to the Masquerade carnival at Cheras Leisure Mall. As you'll know, it was the grand finale for the masquerade competition. Here 15 talented makeup lovers compete to win RM1500 cash voucher. 
Among all the contestant, my sweet friend Syafiera Lewis was one of the them. She was the only Malay girl to compete to the finals, and the theme that she made was the Romantic Garden Masquerade.
long time no see, i miss you.. :) 
Back to event, it started at 2.30 pm.Where all the contestant started to draw the mask on the model's face. They are given 45 minutes to complete their task. For me 45 minutes are more then enough. But for those who have shakey hands, it will not be enough yah.. To draw a smooth eyeliner are so hard for the beginners.  ahahah :D
So, here are some of the shots during the event:

makeup tools and palettes that the contestants used.
After they done 45 minutes, its time to the catwalk by the models. 
Here the MC introduced all the theme made by the contestants and the judges gave theirmarks according to several categories. The categoreies are, Theme, Creativity and cleanliness. 

The judges during the competition were:
Judge makeup guru Fabien Wong
Judge fashion designer William Liew
Judge celebrity & fitness model John Oh

Credits to : Benn Sayers for the beautiful photos.
From my opinion, this is the best mask with the full sets of accessories and hat. She sure took my attention that day. Even her gaun are beautiful. 
The winner for this contest will bring back RM1500 cas voucher. WOOWW! how lucky yah.. 2nd prize is RM1000 cash voucher and the 3rd prize worth RM800. The consolation prize worth RM200 for each contestant. worth it! 
The Grand winner: 
 Yong Mun Cheng

 2nd winner
 Lim Hui Fen 

 3rd winner
 Lai Poh Leng

Congratulation to all winners. You deserve the prize as all the masquerade makeup presented have their own uniqueness. And for those who did not won the competition, you still get the chance to win their facebook contest! so hope that one of you will be the lucky one to win RM200 worth voucher. 

group photo with the makeup artist and all the models
After the event had finished, me and hub went to upper level. There, we've found a beautiful stand or can I call it a big frame with a big tree and bench! hahah. I don't know what to call that, but it sure a great spot to snap out a few photos. heheh. 
so here are some of the photos that we've taken that day. 

And here are some of husband and wife photos. ! heheh. please be sure not to puke on your desktop yah! hahahaha

Thanks to Cheras Leisure Mall who have invited me to the event. me and hubby really enjoy the day together plus covering this event is such a fun day!

 As this is my first time went to CLM, I'm sure it's not gonna be my last!  As I have RM100 Voir Voucher to spend to. Yippie. I'm a happy wife that day. 
Hope to have more event in the future and do not hesitate to invite me and other bloggers to join too. 
That's all for today, and congrats again to the winners. 

Credits to : Benn Sayers for the beautiful photos. 

Till then, 
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  1. yg frame tu kalau yan panggil props je.. eheheheh.. acah2 dalam frame .. hehehe

  2. haah! Props.. nape lah tak terfikir tadi. ni frame yg besar giler ni, mcm pintu gerbang..


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