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Previously, my hubby just had 2 cats at home. These two cats were taken by the streets when he found them cold and dirty. He take them, fed and love them like they were his child. 
In every action, Milo and Coco just give him the happiness and joy. 
cats would love to play around with boxes! Coco and Milo
 Then, a year later, after we got married I asked my husband to pick other 6 more cats. Alhamdulillah he agreed to my decision and our family grew. Now we have 16 cats at home. 

Every day, my husband would feed them meet or sometimes wet food. He did so many scarifies to his cat especially those two early cats he found. Named Coco and Milo.

He was very worried during a week when Milo disappear (when he ran away from home) every night he would go out to find Milo at the neighbors, brought Milo and Coco at the Vet if they got sick! A fever can made him worried as hell. hahah. 

I asked him, why don’t you give the cats chicken bone, the leftover. He replied “ If we were hungry and given bones and leftover, what would you feel?”

these are Mama's family. 
Then I think one more time, if we treat the cats like humans, we love them, fed them and care about them, May be during the HereAfter they will come back to us and help us.

Insya Allah.

 These are the #givealittle that my husband did and he taught me the same way. Love the cats, you parents and your self.

There are not much to give but the endless love and food to cats.
Thanks #Ambank for giving this chance for me to wrote about #givealittle that my husband and I did for our cats and our little family. 

Till then,
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  1. Assalammualaikum..

    ... bagus2 moga murah rezeki admin blog k.. macam sahabat nabi yang sangat sayangkan kucing sehingga Rasullulah saw memberikan gelaran pada sahabat... "Abu Hurairah".. maksudnya Bapa Kucing.. Rasullulah pun sangat sayangkan binatang terutama kucing...



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