WISHLIST: Sleek MakeUP Eye Shadow Pallets

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Assalamua'laikum  and Good Morning.
This morning I just browse LUXOLA's Website and found this great eyeshadow pallets, that is the Sleek MakeUp I-Divine pallets. OMG, Just falling in love with their pallets, as they have great colors and also with affordable price. 
there are many reviews by the previous users about these and they all said that this pallets are great and worth buying. And this what I bought with my RM50 coupon that was given by LUXOLA. Thanks guys.. ! hugs from me. I bought the i-Divine Ultra Matte V1 that has cheerful color. 
I already have the nude  matte color by Naked 2, so this time let's give a little more color to our eye lid yah! After proceed with the payments, I just have to pay RM4.00.(because my payment method was via 7eleven)
 HAHA, worth buying right. RM50.00 discounts. What a great discounts. I am so happy after purchasing this pallets, and can't stop smiling. hehe

That was the pallet that I have already bought right, and for my wishlist pallet is the i-Divine Vintage Romance. This pallet has great reviews by other users as it become their favorites. I think, this may become my favorite too! can't wait to received my payments and get this pallet ASAP. Must buy! both pallets have same price RM53.00
This pallet has shimmery color compare to the matte pallet at above. And it's a great pallet for creating a glamorous look. hehe. Just suits any dinner occasion. 

Wait for my full  review about Sleek MakeUp  i-Divine Ultra Matte V1 yah.

cc to Sleek MakeUP: I wish that Sleek MakeUp can deliver this eyesahdow pallets for me, so that I can review it in my blog. I will be an honorable for me if they are willing to give me this pallet. hehe. 

orite, Thanks for reading. 

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