Toujours Advance Collagen Effects.

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Assalamua'laikum ladies. 

This great evening I would like to share with you about Toujours Advance Collagen that I recently consumed for the past five days. During this five days, there are some difference that I have noticed after consuming Toujour Advance. Before this, I have a big poppy eye bag which I don't like it so much! I think everybody just hate to see a pair of big eye bag and dark circles right. So the effects of this Toujour Advance Collagen is, it slowly reduced my eye bag and also dark circle. Let's see the transformation and do bare with my selfie pictures okey.  

Previous Month! I am totally stress out with those big pimple! Argggg!!!!!!!!!!

Same goes to this picture. Big eye bag. I have many pimple. oily face! huh!

After a while, think all acne just fade out! :) smiley face yah!

Same goes here. this picture was taken after 3 days consuming Toujours Advance Collagen.
Less acne and less eye bag

this was the forth day. on Thursday. less pimple, reduced eye bag, less dark circle. yippie!

and this was taken during the fifth day. this morning actually. I do post this photo to Instagram . 

This evening. After class. less oily face. just love the miracles of Toujour Advance Collagen

You can see the transformation that have been to me after 5 days consuming Toujours Advance Collagen and I am very satisfied with the result. Therefor, I am highly recommend this collagen for those who have big dropy eye bag and dark circle to try this product. You can buy Toujours Advance Collagen at their official Instagram account

I hope you like this review. 
Till then. 
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  1. salam perkenalan.

    ini toujours advanced yg hanis zalikha tu ya?

    done follow sini #243,

    jemput ke blog saya


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