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Assalamua'laikum  and good day everyone. 

Last week, I just started my diet program with SkinyMint. that program was called TeaTox Program. Of course everyone would like to be gorgeous and maintain gorgeous all the time right. Especially for those who have already married right. heheh.

Let me explain to you about the SkinnyMint, The name itself just give a brief description right. This a a brand that produce amazing and great diet tea drink. there have 2 types of the, ; Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. 

For Morning Boost, it just gives me extra energy an help to reduce the intake of food for lunch. Example, during weekdays I seldom eat breakfast because of classes and discussion during the early morning. To replace it, I just drink my morning boost. and just in instance, I become more energetic and the adrenaline is just flowing on top of my head. heheh.

It also cut my appetite on eating sweets and oily food which that is a good thing right. Control the amount to sugar and high cholesterol's food for  a healthy diet. 

The taste, for me it have a green tea taste with fresh and sweet smell. for those who have consumed it, they must really enjoy the smell. 

The  Natural ingredients:
  • Green tea : great energy booster to start you day, Improve immunity, and burns calories.
  • Yerba Mate: Boost metabolism and Curb appetite (this is the magic ingredients that cut down my appetite) 
  • Nettle leaves: A natural diuretic ( easy for you to pee, and helps to reduce excess water contain in your body) and antioxidant( to stay young) 
  • Dangelion: this is a type of flower, that can helps to improve digestion, detoxifies and cleans. this flower is good for the Kidney, slowing down the rate of cancer growth, hepls to regulate blood sugar and insulin level( for diabetic person) abd regulate the blood pressure. From : 11 Health Benefits of Dandelion and Dandelion Root by Charlie Pulsiher at
  • Guarana: this type of plant that originated at Amazonian forest. the benefits of Guarana are it increase physical endurance and alertness (energetic just like I inform to you earlier) and it stimulates the digestion. besides that, it activates the burning of fats and reduces bloating. From:
How to use Morning Boost:
  • Brew 1 bag of tea at 4-5 minute in a boiling water
  • Drink every morning before or during breakfast. I recommend you to drink before breakfast.
  • Don't drink after 5pm, it contains caffeine that might effect your sleeping hour. 
Just these simple guidelines for a healthier lifestyle.  For a better and fast results, make sure to have regular workout. Do some yoga or skipping, or jogging around your house. 
For me, I can feel that my weight is reducing, my body is lighter compare to previous weeks. I can fit in my gown without tummy bloating out and zipped it nicely. I can feel my jeans have loose about 2cm. I don't have major migrane like before and I can reduce the intake of food. 

That is basically about the Morning Boost, next is to explain a little bit about the Night Cleanse. 
I can call this tea as the cleansing and revitalizing tea, as it gives me stomachache every morning. haha. this process is to detoxify our body and gives to reduces the bloating. 

the Natural ingredients:
  • Ginger Root; Anti-bloating and detoxifying agent. Some says, this is good for nausea, a remedy for travel sickness and good to reduce wind, colic, irritable bowel, colds, flu, menstrual cramps and gastrointestinal problem (stomach cramps or gas)
  • Orange roots: Improves digestion promotes good sleep (sleeping agent). this can helps to improve sleeping as it balance our internal chemical and nervous system. it gives us the calming effect. 
  • Lemongrass: Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and to enhance complexion. Lemongrass has high content in iron that is good for carrying oxygen throughout the body. this can helps various types of anemia,. Besides, it's also rich with cital- an anti-cancer property that can kills the cancer cells, and preserve our body tissue. Lemongrass also acts as anti-inflammatory and anti-septic that can treat arthritis, gout, and inflammation of the urinary tract. Anti-microbial is to eliminates the bad micro-organisms in the body and blood, plus it can purity and keep the bacteria, fungus, and yeast in check. from :
  • Senna Leaves: Natural laxative( heals constipation) anti-bloating and reduce appetite. 
  • Licorice roots: Relieves cramps, and constipation. 
The taste:
 This tea has ginger's flavor and a little bit of peppermint. I don't like the smell so much. I just can bare with the ginger's smell, Oh..

But anyways, the night cleans tea can really make me sleep well and a quality one compare to previous night. And in the morning, I must rush to the toilet to get rid all toxic away. hehe.

Overall, I am very satisfy with the results shown and I will continue consume SkinnyMint tea for 28 days program. #DareToBeGorgeous
To see more results on Skinnymint TeaTox program, just click here

Where to Buy:

Follow their Instagram : @SkinnyMintCom

Price: RM169.00

Shipment: Worldwide. Fast delivery to Malaysia

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Enjoy and thanks for reading my blog. :) 
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  1. HeyI just wanna ask, did your complexion improve?

    1. Hello Floflo

      I did manage to loose some weight thou. :)

  2. Hello sis ,mom mna nak order ni?

    1. Hello Angeylyne Siam

      Here's a tutorial on purchasing Skinnymint online. :

      Hope this helps. :)

  3. Hello dear, have you tried this? Did it really worked for you? I have also tried taking Green energy drinks and they are really working amazingly for me. So I think right now carrying on with them will be a wise move for me.

    1. Hell Eli Joseph :)

      I have tried this for a months , and I loss approximately 3 kg. It really works for me. :)

  4. I'm so excited to loss my weight
    Last year saya abt 50kg tapi sebab makan makanan yg Tak baik...saya skrg 70kg
    Saya nk jadi mcm normal
    So Blh Tak I nk tau psl teatox ini lebih lanjut Dan Blh Tak dpt discount?! Does it works very well?!

  5. Hi saya nk tau psl teatox ini lebih lanjut Dan Blh Tak dpt discount?! Agak2 berape kg Blh turun kalau Guna 28days punye?! So do I nwed to tk diet during having this drink?!

  6. I'm so excited to loss my weight
    Last year saya abt 50kg tapi sebab makan makanan yg Tak baik...saya skrg 70kg
    Saya nk jadi mcm normal
    So Blh Tak I nk tau psl teatox ini lebih lanjut Dan Blh Tak dpt discount?! Does it works very well?!

  7. Hello guys! Dont worries. You guys can grt it from me at ig : mimpimika. It works and im from malaysia:)


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