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Assalamua’laikum everybody.

 Have you heard about Dead Sea Fortune? If not, let me introduce to you a little bit about this brand. This is a brand that produce Natural Products base on the Dead Sea that is located in the holy land of Jordan and Palestine, at the basement of the world, 408m below the Sea level, the lowest point on the earth, where the dead Sea is wide and deep, about one hour drive from the international airport and Amman.

Ok let me explain in my own word. Dead Sea or known as 'Laut Mati' in Malay. This is located at the Jordan and this sea has the saltiest water in the world. 

From other resources, this dead sea water can helps t cure skin disease and helps to improve skin texture. Therefor, all this products contains all the minerals from this sea as it’s use mainly the mud from the Dead Sea as their Body Scrub and Face scrub too.

"Some of our customer favourites are anti cellulite cream, body scrub, body mud, soft mud, sunblock, anti wrinkle cream, day cream, night cream, exfoliating soap and bath salt." Customer's choice~

Facts about The Dead Sea Mud. It contains salts and Minerals as the mud absorbs the minerals from the water itself, and it is rich in magnesium, silicon compounds, and the mask helps to stimulate the blood circulation around the joints.

Other than that, it have the natural healing power as the Dead Sean can treat the skin diseases and joins disorders as proriasis, acne and rheumatism.

It can also be an anti-stress therapy and for relaxation. Especially for those who wanted mud mask for their spas, I highly recommend to use this Brand.

 The composition of Dead Sea is very unique; it has the highest value of Magnesium 40% that other ea, calcium, silica, sodium, Bromide and Potassium.

Let me share with you the face mask that I recently try on. For me this mud face mask is an enjoyable treat for me. As the description above said, it give me the relaxing and also the improve my skin texture. So, from my experience using this products, it really helps to improve my skin texture and also the scars.

Fist layer. not thick enough

Next layer, Thicker layer of mud mask

After rinsing the mud mask.

 The acne shrunk. Deebakk!~

They also gave me the miniatures sets : face moisturizer, Soft Mud cream, Whitening cream and Night Cream. From my experience, this cream rejuvenated my skins and the soften my face a little bit more. It also helps to cure the acnes scars and to  shrunken the acne.

As usual, after a late night sleep and stress of works and study, my face just like to popping out the acne. So what I did was to reduces the acne especially before it starts to burst out is to apply this Soft Mud Cream. 

This cream is Paraben free and it relievs the acnes, any skin problems,eczema and proriasis. Yes! You heard the description. 

There are various types of product range that Dead Sea Fortune have, to look upon these awesome products, just go to their facebook page Dead Sea Fortune Malaysia for more details and any purchases.
Or you can either purchase directly to the Dead Sea Fortune Malaysia at the Quessbay Mall, Penang. 
OKEY, that's all from me now. 

These products are sponsors directly to me without any compensation. The review are based on my experiences and some data were taken at the websites. Thank you..

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