REVIEW: Batiste The Dry Shampoo Malaysia

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Hello everyone. Today I would like to review about Dry Shampoo from Batiste. I think not everyone know about this product right.  

Batiste Dry shampoo is a new way to wash your hair. Usually people wash their hair using water right. But now, instead you wanna wet your hair, it’s better to wash it dry. Just like dry cleaning on clothing. Same method and principle.

For women, every month they will have 5-7 days period, and during this time being, they don’t regularly wash their hair using cold water. Therefore, this can be an alternative way for you to maintain the freshness to your hair and to keep it from oily.

Currently, I am using this dry shampoo during my period and I am falling in love with this product.  Highly recommend this for every lady.

There are 12 range of dry shampoo available in the market.

The Batiste range: 
1. Original
3. Blush
4. Boho
5. Diva
6. Fresh
7. Brit
8. Gold Shimmer
9. XXL Volume
10. Light & Blonde
11. Medium & Brunette
12. Dark and Deep Brown

These range of products are suitable for everyone as they have different types of scents. For example, if your the one who love the the tropical smell, and love doing wild activities I would suggest you choose the Tropical Scents. 
for those who wanted a great volumize hair, I suggest you choose the XXL Volume. 
The last 3 products list were differentiate by the color of your hair. 

For me, i Just love the Blush scents. It have the floral and sweet smell, which I love so much.

For your information, this spray is not just a hair spray that we usually used, it has a powder form that can react with our hair root so it will absorb the excess oil from it. that's why, from an oily hair, Batiste can turn our hair into clean and fresh just like after washing your hair by water and shampoo.

the steps in using Batiste:
1. Shake this spray vigorously. ( so the powder can mixed with the carrier agent easily, if not, no powder will appear)
2. Place the nozzle 30cm away from your hair. 
3. After spraying, make sure to massage your hair (just like shampooing your hair). Please ensure that all the white powder form is absorb into  your hair. 
4. Style your hair and make it volumize. 

Here is my video on Batiste Dry Shampoo, and also with my Teddy Bear Model. hihi.

The content. 

Warning: Make sure not to place the nozzle to a fire, as it contain alcohol that can easily burn. 
In Malaysia you  can easily buy this at Batiste The Dry Shampoo facebook page. Or visit their website at for more info.

Retail Price:


For me, this product is worth the money, as it has a big bottle, that can last for a very long time. Go to the website above to purchase it yah! I guarentee you will not regret it. Do leave a comment below if you have any questions and suggestion.

Thanks for reading.


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