Research Project 1: Gaharu Description

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Hello lovely readers. How are you? I hope everything was fine. Today I would like to share about my Research Project for this semester. The title given was " TGA Analysis on the Decomposition of Active Materials in Aqualaria Subintegra leaves"

So let's starts, for the introduction I would like to tell with you about Aqualaria Subintegra. This is a scientific name for Gaharu @ Agarwood tree. So if I say Gaharu, may be all of you will recognize this plant right. This A. Subintegra was one of the fifteen species of tree in the Thymelaecea family. This species are well known in Thailand as it grew rapidly in Thailand. There is other kind of species such as A.Malacensis (Dira's research) which are mainly grew in rainy forest such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 

This tree can grew up until 15 to 30  meter tall with a diameter between 40-60 cm. Sometimes, this tree have white petal flowers. ( Charabarty et al., 1991). This tree have 5 to 11 cm long of leaves and 2-4 cm broad (Khalil et. al, 2013). This upper part of the leaves is smooth, glossy and dark green in color. The bottom part of the leaves is more lighter in color.
This tree is famous of it's bark as it is essential for medication and aromatherapy. The bark tree may be differs with other species as it can be graded into several grads of bark. The inner part of the bark contain water for the tree to survive. 

This tree can adapt in many differents habitats such as rocky sandy and calcareous area. Plus it can also grew at drained slopes, ridges and land near swamps. This tree must also grew in a humid area with the temperature between 20-22 degree Celsius. ( Afifi, 1995; Keller and Sidiyasa, 1994; Wiriadinoda, 1995)

These are just a few of the names for this tree; Agarwood, eaglewood, gaharu, aloeswood, oud, oudh, kanankoh, kyara, jinkoh, chen xiang, tomention and kalamabak.

There are so many application of this Gaharu plant. As I mention above, this plant can be extracted into extracted oil and be turn into perfumes, Gaharu oil, and in aromatherapy or praying scents. these are just examples. I will explain more details about this application in other post. 
So stay tune for more updates on my research. okeyh

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