Product Review: Serai Soothing Scrub and Natural Face Scrub by Be Good

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Assalamua’laikum lovelies.
Who of you here love the Natural ingredients base products? Please raise your hand higher. Heheh, and I know that not many of you know about this great product. So for today I’m going to introduce 100% natural products that were made by our Malaysian Entrepreneurs.

Have you heard about Be Good products? They have several ranges of products that are 100% natural. Hand made by them. For those who haven’t, so let’s get to know about the awesome products that they have for me to try on. The Serai / Lemongrass Soothing Body Scrub and also the Organic Face Scrub.

Okey, let’s talk about the Serai Soothing Body Scrub first. I know not many of you often get the chance to go to the spa for body scrubbing right. It may cost you about RM50 per session just to scrub all the dirt away.
So how about you turn your RM50 to something else that worth buying, such as using this amazing Serai Soothing Body Scrub. It contains all natural ingredients such as Lemongrass, Paper mint and Geranium oil that was extracted from the plant Pelargonium odorantissimum.

 These ingredients are free from any chemical substances that may defect to any sensitive skin. ( if you have any sensitive skin, I recommend to you about using this Scrub). The scent of this body scrub is the combination of Serai and Geranium  oil, that gives the Serai and minty scent. I just love the smell when I apply it onto my skin, and it just gives long lasting smell even after washing away.
The texture of body scrub was coarse as the main ingredient was sugar particles and a little bit oily so that the scrubber will exfoliate all the dead skin after a gentle massage on your body.  

 Do focus on the defected area such as at the back of your body ( usually there will be some acne cause by toxin inside your body or cause by pore blockage), around your collar bond, thigh area (dark area) , under arm area, and not to forget your foot(use any brush to brush your foot).

After applying at these area, wait for the sugar to melt and then you can rinse off with water

 The results
You can feel your skin supple, smooth and hydrated after scrubbing, the Geranium Oil will remain on your skin and it will moisturize your skin for the entire days. You can feel that your skin is glowing and the problematic area (dark area) will finally reduce in color.

That is why scrubbing is one of the important skin care especially for women. We must take care of our skin by using Natural ingredient products and my suggestion for you is by using this Natural Body Scrub by Be Good.

Second product that I want to share with you is the Face Scrub. I know that there are plenty of face scrub that are available in the market right. But not all of them give the best results that you want.

Let’s take a look of this Face Scrub that is the latest product that was introduced by Be Good.

The ingredients for Natural Face Scrub are Oats, Brown Rice & Molasses. everybody knows what are Oats and Brown Rice, right. these are types of foods that have so much grain content and they are good for those who wanted to diet. meanwhile, Molasses is a viscous by-product of the refining of sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar.

This face scrub is in powder form, with more fine particles compare to the Body Scrub. This face scrub can be used directly on a wet face. Then, you can use your finger to gently massage it in a circular motion. Focus on the cheek, nose, forehead, neck area and not to forget to scrub your lips too.

Make a circular motion massage onto your face at these area. , then rinse it with water.

The result.

This scrub removes all dead cells and also freshen your skin. Form my experience, it just remove all the excess oil from my face, especially on my forehead. It also shrunken my acne and also reduce the black pores on my nose. Magic isn’t? 

Therefore, I highly recommend these products for my friends who really want have a natural body and face scrub. You will feel the magic of these amazing products to your skin.

Where to buys these products?
You can buy these products direct at their website page here

The price for these amazing products are:
RM25.00 for Serai Soothing Body Scrub
RM10.00 for the Face Scrub.

Want to find more details about this products, please go to
Be Good Website: Be Good Official
FaceBook: Be Good
Instagram:@ Begoodto
Be Good to yourself and to the world. 
that's all from me. Wait for my other product reviews that will be release soon, In Sya Allah.
Till then, Salam

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