Finalist for Project Style Star The Mines.

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Assalamua'laikum everybody. 
Today ,I am very delightful because I received a good news from the management team at The Mines Shopping Complex that I have been chosen to become the finalist for Project Style Star The Mines. Yahoooo! I just can't believed it that they choose me from other contestants. Ya Rabbi, Syukur Alhamdulillah. For this event, I will be competing other three contestants, and I think this gonna something new for me. Besides blogging, my favorite hobby is gonna be mix and match the cute outfit~!! 

For this fashion show,I will be presenting a cute, and simple theme.  For me, every teenagers just love cute outfits, and also it must be a simple too. Malaysia has a tropical climate that has hot seasons and rainy seasons. Therefor, for me a cute and simple dress, skirts and jeans will be a appropriate for this time being. Simple tees and net cardigan are most likely to be wearable. 

Besides that, during the rainy seasons, usually teenagers love to wear black and warm outfits. For the second round, I mostly choose black attire with cute and simple design. It suits most of the teenagers, as rainy seasons has arrive, they would like to wear something warmer still look kawaii. 

Just add a little Hello Kitty will turn on the cute lights. Yeay! About the makeup, I want them  to use a fresh and clean makeup. Blue, Pink and Orange will do the trick. Then, with a little addition of cute headband or ribbon can bring my girls  then cuteness inside them! 

Therefore, I want to invite my bloggers friends  to come and see the Fashion Show Style My Star at The Mines Shopping Mall, on Saturday evening. I would want you to see the mix and match of outfit that I have chose for my models. See you there.. 

Ps: I am looking for a sponsor for my cute and simple fashion show. For those who are interested in lending me their cloths for me on this Saturday, please contact me at 0109600726. ASAP. Thank you. I prefers vendors at Shah Alam at Section 7 or Section 2, so I can go there to try on by myself for fitting. For those sponsors I will make an entry for your shop in my blog and featured it at Sidebar. 
Thank you. Sincerely,
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