Event: Project Style Star. My experience and My story

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Assalamua'laikum to all readers. How was your weekend? I hope you enjoy your weekend just like mine. Last Saturday, my friends and I were at The Mines Shopping Mall for The Project Style Star. I was the finalist for this program and for that I was assigned to chose any cloths at the sponsor's shop at The Mines. For me, joining this fashion show was a great experience. I have meet new friend and they have great taste in fashion. 
So let me share about the program tentative. I was called by Edmund and he told me that I was one of the finalist (designers) on Monday night. On Tuesday I have to go to The Mines for choosing outfits for my models. But first, I have to find the models~!! You see, this was the hard part. I don't have modellllss~! OMG. it's sad because my only model friend was heading to Kuching. But my friends were the most supportive friends ever! they are willing to help me to become my models. Thank God. So, there I have it. All my models were the engineering students. hehehe. 

After selecting all the cloths, on Thursday night I asked my models to came for a meeting. Because I want them to know the choreograph while on stage.As this was my first experience on fashion show. I don't know anything about catwalk, about runway. About posing. I told my models to watch Seoul Fashion Show. Hahaha. It was funny yah~! I asked my models to make a cute pose, and they really made a great job on it. 

And on Friday night, we went to the The Mines for fitting and choreograph. We were the worst team! :( Manne the choreograph told that my team was not ready for the runway. As we had the shortest time to walk on the runway. it was quite disappointing. But my team was the one who gave and tried the best to have a perfect walk. They learned the choreograph with Khaidel (my assistant) as he was in charged for the choreograph and the men's outfits.  Then, slowly my team was able to master the catwalk in no time! Greatttt!! Who said that engineering students don't have the skills in modelling. huh..

And finally, on Saturday. The event started. We drove from Shah Alam at 8.00am and reached round 9.00am. While no one was on the mall, my models took this chance to learn the choreograph and the walk. After a while, I ask them to change to their cloths before having their makeup done.we were the second team for the makeup sessions and my models have their makeup and hair do by the makeup artist. 

For me, 4 of my models have a great makeup but, Victor and Sha did not! It was frustrating to see their makeup did not match the theme. Farah, and Van have a great makeup. Hitor have a full coverage makeup. While Izi, she has the sharp blocak eye shadow. that was totally out!! I want a barbie look, but they give her a dramatic eye makeup with black eye shadow. Maybe they did not know what I mean by makeup look. huhuhu. :( and this was the same problem with Sha's makeup.  To solve this, I am the one who have to fixed the makeup and put some colors on it. If not, it will not be the barbie look liked I wanted. 
The hair do was ok. :) but overall, the  stars for this makeup artist are 5/10 stars. 
The show started on 2.15 pm, and Raden's was the first who run's the runway. Next was our team~! waaaaaaaa~!! I was so nervous at that time, as I was the last person who walked out. heheh. and for the next session was the Q&A session. If I remembered all the words and the points that I have to say! I got so nervous when I face a tonnes of people. Nasib baik tak pengsan.
But overall, although I did not won the fashion show, there will always a next time right! I hope next time I can win this. Me andmy friends really have a great time together. :) 
So here are some pictures that I want to share with you. 

Before makeup

While makeup
After Makeup
With Khaidel. TQSM for your help

with my model, Hitor
Final touchup~!
Farah, my cute model

Farah and Van, These two lovelies look so cute~!

My male model, Vic and Thor

One of my model, TQ izi.. love the dress

Vannesa., look cute and simple in pink~!

Thor is posing~. heheh

With all my friends. Thanks guys. 

Won RM500 cheque. 

I am so great full to have you guys by my side and help me through the day. TQSM, :) 
and this opportunity will be the valuable moment in my life.  

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4 Orang Positif

  1. u did a good jobs babe,congratulations !!! ;)

  2. Thank you Manne. This was my first time and thanks for the guide. :)

  3. Pinku No Sakura: Thank you. hehe, I did not manage to won anything that day. but my friends and I really had a great time.


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