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Hello everyone. Today I would like to share with you about a seminar I attended with Cosmopolitan Malaysia, that was, Cash and Career Masterclass that was held at The Bens Living Room, Publika.

The event started at 10 a.m but many of the contestants have arrived early at the venue. for me, this was my first time walking around at Publika so, the first time was a lilttle bit dizzy. I did not manage to find the exact venue but  luckily there were some other contestants were searching for this placed too. Fiiuuuuh! 

That day, I have met some new friends, Kak Juliana. She was a young lady with talented skill in makeup. she was the one who have taught me so much in blending eye shadow. And there was some bloggers too. 

So, back to my main points, there were three sessions, the first was about money. How to handle money, to expand money and to make sure that we can have enough saving for future. this talk was given by Arthurtan. An expert in financial and a professional emcee. 
he taught us things about financial that everyone should know in life. 

next session was on the career part. this talk was given by Edmund Teh from The JobStreet. he has given us useful tips in finding a suitable job plus he also gives us advise on attending interview, on writing a resume and many more. on this session, I just love the way he expalianed thing in details. especially for those who will become undergraduates students. (ME)

Last session was on the makeup session with Elianto! everybody just loves makeup especially for us the ladies. Elianto now has a new range of skin care that was the Elianto Lumino White. this range complete with Serum, Toner, Pigment Corrector (I just love this product) ,Night Cream,and Eye Brightener. You can read more about these products at Elianto's Website. 

So here are some of the pictures that I have snapped during the event. Enjoy!

 Talk by Edmund Teh. So many useful tips he taught us in searching new job. and How to use the JobStreet.
 With Lovely Juliana. She became my partner during the whole day. Thanks sis. :)

This is a new collagen drink by Elianto : Colla White-Beverage Mix with Collagen & Hytolive
I love the taste, just like berry mixed with ribena. a little bit sour. RM99.00
this is the Limited Edition Makeup Pallet that is exclusive for this Christmas. Do check it out. I have eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher, and cheek sheer. the price is quit cheap around RM130

This is a Moist lip butter Olive, It was used to hydrate our lips. So that after applying lipgloos, you wont have to worry about dry lips.RM16.00  
 these are my favourite!Brilliant Riche Lip Colour .these are amazing lipstick. you wont feel regret after purchasing this lipstick because it is kiss proof, and water proof. even after you eat or drink it still remain on your lips beautifully. (highly recommended) Price: RM29.00

 these lips color have six different color that can suits your daily outfit. for me, I just love 2nd color.it's red bebeyh!

this is the Amazing White CC Correction Complete Cream .This CC cream is differ with BB cream because this product follow our body temperature. this mean that, it does not remain in white color. The white color cream will slightly change to brownish color then you may apply it on your face.it gives your the flawless coverage for your skin. (highly recommended)RM99

The Snowy Magical Cream is a magic cream. it whiten up your skin 2times from your original skin color. Is that AMAZING! hahah, I used it on my hand and it show positive results. heheh. luckily I didn't bought it for my husband, if not he will be first one who try this Snowy Cream . Rm59.00

lastly, these are the Feather Lite Airbrush Foundation. for me this foundation is so light in texture and it gives me a full coverage. I loikeeeeeee..!this foundation consist of three color, Ivory Beige, Natural Beige, and Sand Beige. Price:  RM35.00

The Result! 
I have made a smokey eye shadow, suitable for dinner date with my husband. hewhew.. 

there were some photos in my digital camera, but unfortunately I did not bring the cable with me now. So, later I will write another post with some pictures of this event yah! 
Stay tune, Salam


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  1. I’ve attended a couple of events at this event space nyc. The food is always delicious and the service is always great. Also the view is absolutely amazing.

  2. hi thorough Lad,
    yes indeed, the view are superb, and the food are great. I love the mash potatoes. that is mix with cheese. oh My.. just wanna eat it again!


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