[CONTEST] Macau Your Way to An Experience of A Lifetime!

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Assalamua'laikum everyone. Let us praise to our God that had given us the chance to be able to live our life now. Ahamdulillah. 
So today I would like to write something about Macau. I know some of you have been to Macau right? yeah! Macau is one of the places that I would like to go to with my husband one day. But before going a trip to Macau, let's have a research about what are the special things/places in Macau that I should know. 
First! is the Food! 
You see, Macau are famous with the Macanese cuisine. But first I must concern about the Halal food first. For me, the dish that I would like to try are, the Golden or Macanese Codfish and their local snack favorite; the Portuguese egg tart! OMG these egg tarts are so tempting.You would regret if not tryung these egg tart at Macau!These food can be found at the Taipi Village where there are many famous restaurants and shops there.

The Golden CodFish

Portuguese Egg Tart
Taipi Village
Next up is the Senado Square. Here I can find lots of the cheap shops, spas and there are unique flooring. Here you can see by yourself. hehe, I just love the architecture of these building. Al though I am not an expert in building structure, but it remind me of Portuguese kind of building. During night time, there will be some lights that will brighten up this square. ahhh! I would really like to experience this moment. 
The Senado Square during the day

 Senado Square during the night~
And lastly, the Macau Tower!!!!!!
for those who have fright of heights, I wont suggest this sightseeing for you. Here people from the whole world come to experience the bungee jumping! yeah baby! This is kind of activity that I would like to do in Macau. In Malaysia, I did not have a chance on doing it, so here in Macau, Bungee jumping can be done by jumping 233m of Macau Tower! OMG, the  heights!! can't wait to try this!!
Beside Bungee Jumping, I can also experience the Sky Walk. I can see the view of all Macau city. wah! I just can imagine my self walking in the Sky Walk at the top of Macau Tower. 
Bungee Jumping from Macau Tower
Skywalk X at Macau Tower

So there you have it, three activities that I would like to do when I am at Macau. 
I would like to thanks the  Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia
for giving this chance to bloggers (like myself) the opportunity to have a trip at Macau. I am very lucky to be part of these contest and I hope that I can be selected among the blogger to have a fully paid trip to Macau. Thanks again! 

Credits to these awesome pictures: Macau Goverment Taurist Facebook Page, Portuguese Eggtart Recipi, and Googles. 
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  1. Nice write up! Macau looks very interesting!

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