Product Review: Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Mask (Broccoli)

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Assalamua’laikum ladies.How are you today? I hope that all of you are in a good shape and healthy.So, how was your Hari Raya Haji yesterday?  I bet all of you must be enjoying the Kari kambing and all other food that sinonim to hari raya haji right. As for me, I just missed my flight to Kuching onSaturday morning and my celebration with my hubby was a not that happening just like yours. HUHUHUH. Quite sad though. L

But anyways, lets just focus on today’s topic. Today I’m gonna write a review on Broccoli. What is broccoli? Everybody know what is broccoli, that is a type of vegetables that we seldom ate unless in hari raya or in special day. But today, I wanna share with you a Broccoli mask.

What does this broccoli mask do? As everybody knows, broccoli is one of the most healthiest veges that we can eat is we are on a diet program. But for our face, it really helps to clean, soften and soothe our skin. If you feel that your skin is lake of vitamins, just like mine. I would recommend you to use this broccoli mask so that you would feel fresh!

My experience while using this mask:
First, the coolness. I can feel that this mask gives me the cool feeling and it just make us feel fresh!
Next, it fits my face very well. As you all know that my face is quite big ok. Bam bam face. Hihi. So it is suitable for those who have small and big face.
The smell, ahh! It is so nice ok!! The smell is just like sweet, macam gula-gula. No medicine smells at all.

The effect with my acne, it shirker my acne. Actually, since I was upset about my miss flight yesterday, and my acne was aggressively grew everywhere!huhhhh!! And luckily this mask had solved my problem. Now my acne has shrinken a little bit and hoped it will heal ASAP.
my skin brightens and smooths after using this broccoli mask

So for those who wanted this mask for your face, which I really recommend it to you, you can find this at Hishop website where this is the most trust-able online makeup shop that you can shop with and the price are quite affordable.

Price :RM4.50
For the product link, you may visit this Link
But wait, you masy also enjoy 15% diskaun if you use my discount code.

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And for that, I hope that all of my ladies friends will have a great weekday ahead and stay beautiful
Please leave comments if you have ay question to ask and I will ASAP respond to it. Thank you.


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