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Assalamua’laikum  lovelies.
Last time when I just walked around Pavilion while waiting for my husband to fetch me back, I just stopped at this one shop that sells sliced dried bread with different flavors for example, HONEY, CHOCOLATE, RESBERRY, PANDAN, and many more flavors. RUSCO is a Japan’s product because it was introduced by Japanese vendors to bring the product in Malaysia. Yeah baby! Rare product, rare food but for me this is just like spreading your jam on your bread and then just bake it in the oven one more time! but for this I'm sure many of you can make it by your selves right. 

this pact is RM4.00 for 2 pieces
available in many boxes sizes. Great for gifts.

 For those who wanted to make themselves this Rusco bread, let's take this recipe:
things that you need:
  1. French bread
  2. Spreads : chocolate, strawberry, 
  3. Sugar

For the bread that they used was the French bread. This type of bread is available at any bread shop or groceries store. It may cost you around RM2.00. Sliced the bread with thin sizes. 

There are many types of spread / jams that also available at the groceries market. So you just can easily choose what type of spread do you want on your crunchy slices dried bread. As for me, I love chocolate so much! so I can put some chocolate spread or Milo. It can work too ok. Then don't forget to sprinkle some sugar for sweet taste. 

After that just bake in the oven for 10 minutes. ( I guess) haha. Until it turns yellowish but not into black in color okey!!

or another method that they used is by dipping the bread with some flavor, for example, chocolate syrup.
Dipped, then bake it into the oven. You may also try this method. Do find yourselves the simple way. 

I did not try this method yet, but anyways I just love to share new products that available in the market nowadays. 

so do check my blog for more story. next I'm gonna share with you our experienced in MATRADE. 

Do check it out. 
but wait, let's enjoy this song first

Bye, Salam.

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