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Assalamua'laikum Ladies

today I'm gonna review a magic product that can cover up your dark circle or your panda eyes and also some dark spots on your face. Think for student's like us, it is common to have a panda eyes. (T_T) huuhhuhu.Because of lack of sleeping for doing RP and DP. So, for that, I would like to recommend it for you to use Benefit Fake Up by Benefits Cosmetics.

Why we love it!

Cover-up goes incognito! This hydrating crease-control concealer - with Vitamin E & apple seed extract - hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look. Available in three shades, it’s proven to keep skin hydrated for 6 hours!* *Instrumental test
Results too good to conceal!
  • 100% said fakeup hydrates skin*
  • 100% said fakeup feels comfortable on skin*
  • 100% said the texture feels silky*
  • 94% said the effect is long-lasting*
  • 94% said fakeup doesn’t run*
  • 97% said the formula is lightweight*
  • 91% said fakeup conceals dark circles*
  • 91% saw a natural appearance*
  • 97% said the packaging makes it easy to use*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey.

This Fake Up is very useful to conceal the dark circle and some dark spots. This contains some hydrating agent that can hydrate your skin while covering the dark circle and also fine lines.
You can feel the texture of this product that is quit soft and light weight, which means it does not feel to fake when you applied it onto your eye area. Al though this is call FAKE UP! hihi

The white ring is the hydrating ring, which give the effect of long lasting and soft. It just felt like you are using the Vaseline onto your skin and add some concealer above it.

How to apply

Stroke fakeup underneath each eye. Using your ring finger, pat gently outward to blend. You can also use it to touch up throughout the day…this “double duty” hydrating & concealing formula won’t cake, crease or settle. 
This is the spot where you want to cover. the eye bag and the Panda eyes! Just hate it.

apply below your eye area, and also at the eye lid. for base makeup. after that don't forget to apply some powder so it wont melt up your eye liner. 

these is the result. You can see the different after applying the FAKE UP 

and also it brighten your face too! Bright eye area, brighter face. 

For me, this works every time! usually I used concelear to cover up my dark circle, but now, I just use Fake Up, as it will glow your eye areas, and you don't need to feel shy with your dark circle.
But wait, let's watch this movie first. This can change your mind, about other concealer available.

So hurry up, Buy these product at the nearest Benefits Cosmetic store. 
Price: RM 90.00 for 3.5g

Till Then, Salam

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