Product Review: Babeskin 365 BeautyOAT Collage Plus + Oat Drink Formula

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Assalamua’laikum lovelies. Thank to Allah for giving the chance for us for living in this world now. And it’s not too late for me to wish a Happy Diwali to all the Hindus in Malaysia. Happy Depavali~~
OK lets begin, for today I would like to introduce to all of my lovely readers to the first Beauty Oat that is available in the market: Babeskin 365 BeautyOAT Collage Plus + Oat Drink Formula. I think not all of you have heard about this brand right… This is an Oat drink collagen with an additional function; to make us healthier and pretty. These days, many of ladies out there must be looking for something healthy and fill with nutritious ingredients to start your day. For me, a pack of Beauty Oat is sufficient enough to start my day. It gives me enough energy that I need and also can keep full for the whole morning without taking any breakfast after wards. But during the lunch time, please take your usual meal yah!

What Beauty Oat offers you:
Besides giving energy, Beauty Oat also consist of Marine Collagen with Sakura extract that were formulated from Korea and this is Malaysian’s number one collagen plus oat drink. The function for Marine Collagen is to supple our skin and also act to against aging to our skin. Meanwhile, for Sakura extract or also known as Cherry Blossom can whiten up our skin and against free radicals. This collagen drink also containing Permanganate (Buah Delima) usually we call this as SUPER FOOD because this fruit is rich with antioxidant agent and it can prevent from heart disease as it helps to improve our blood flows.

How to consume it:
This collagen drink is so easy to consume, just take a glass or warm water about 180ml, and pour the collagen powder in to the warm water. Stir well and enjoy drinking the BeautyOat Collagen!

When to have your yummy beauty Oat:
You can have this during the breakfast (in the Morning) and one pack at Night. 

The taste:
For me, this taste is quite the same if you add ordinary milk with oat. Yummy and tasty. So the taste is not a problem for all of you. Not too much of sugar inside it. The oat still have the same taste thou.

The Price : 
Retail Price
RM79.00 (WM)
RM89.00 (EM)
1 Box = 18 sachets/ 30gm   

Where to buy this awesome product:

You can buy this product at the
(click the link above)

or call the Hotline: 

+6012 2444 014

+6012 2444 041

You can also visit their Instagram: BeautyOatOfficial
 for more updates on promotions available. 
I just can't wait to finish my BeautyOat Challange and see the results. 
till then, Salam.

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