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Hello guys and especially ladies.
Today I would like to recommend to all my Sarawakian fellas there, who like to shop at Sogo, KL. Where that is the best place for you to find branded handbags and perfumes, right?  But you can have it here. Here I mean is at Facebook. Hihi. Don’t be surprise okey, because for me Sogo is the place where people go crazy and they are willing to act like nuts, if there is sale ongoing. So for your solution, I would recommend for you to check this facebook page: Parvenu Butik.  Where it sells branded handbags, with triple A grades and also the perfumes. With the same prices as Sogo’s or even lower.
Here you can choose the beg and perfumes that you want, without going out from your house and being nuts at Sogo. Penat weih!!!!

So, lets check it out..

gred: AAAAA. 

there are many stuff that you could buy at Parvenu Butik and I hope that you can check this facebook page ok. For those who wanted to buy your Hantaran, this is the page that you must go. rather going t Sogo.

official facebook page : Parvenu Butik
Till then


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