Movie Review: The Book Of Life

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Its been a week I have not writing in my blog because of my busy schedule. Hohoho.
So here I would like to give a brief review on the movie that I have seen in this week.
First is the Book Of Life.
This movie is about love obviously, but it is between three youngsters: Monolo, Maria Jaoquin. Monolo and Jaoquin have strated to like Maria since they are little, but Maria was just a girl who loves freedom. She tends to save animal from being abused. So one day, Maria has saved a bunch of pigs from being slaughtered and she asked her friend to help her to release the pigs. Jaoquin and Monolo helped her and they rode the pigs to their town. Maria’s father was the chief of the town, and he intended to send Maria to further study at Europe.

While Maria was at Europe, Monolo has became a great bull fighter but a fighter that loves to sing. He secretly went out singing with other musician but when his father knows about his activities, Monolo’s father would be mad! There you can see the passion that his father has to become the true bull fighter.

Mean while, Joaquin has became one of the most handsome young man with talented fighting skills. Haaa! I forget that, from the beginning of this movie, there was a betting between Xibalba and Mary Beth. These two are the guardians of the Land of Forgotton and Land of Fiesta. These are the land for the souls, where if they are still be remembered by the relatives that still alive, they will be at the land of Fiesta if not, they will stay at the land of forgotton.
So these two guardians have made a bet with these 3 children, Maria, Monolo and Joaquin. Which man will become Maria’s love life? Mary Beth chooses Monolo while Xibalba chooses Joaquin and he just gave Joaquin a magic badge that will make Joaquin undefeatable. But it must be secretly hidden from people around him.

One day, a group of robbers have come to their village. And one of them had discovered that Joaquin has the badge that La Muerte wanted! So they plan to attack the village and take back the badge to La muerte again.

The bad news was, that previous night, Monolo has secretly invited Maria to a beautiful place and he convinced Maria about his feeling. And asked Maria to marry him. But Xibalba which is so evil, he tried to ruin their love, by beaten Maria with a snake. Monolo was so sad and he was willing to do anything in oder to save Maria’s life. So Xibalba took this chance to kill Monolo and bring Monolo to the land of Fiesta.
There, Monolo meet his whole family and he knews that Xibalba had cheated on him.

 So here will be the most amazing part from this story.
Therefore, you guys wanna know what happen next, because I already tell you half of this story. For that, you guys must watch this movie to your nearest cinema and feel the love that this movie gives it to you. Okey,..

Overall, this move has beautiful graphic and great colours. Their story plot was quit direct and the love is sooooo pure and big~!!!!!!!!

I give you 7/10 stars. Orite..

I think kids will enjoy watching this movie. Hihi. Because it is full with singing and dancing.
So that’s all for my movie review. Happy weekend.


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