Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Eyes By Bobbi Brown Mua

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Hye you olls, I just wanna share with you about yesterday events that I have just attended. Yesterday I was given a chance to make a makeup tutorial on the SmokeyEye at Bobbi Brown Mid Valley. The session started at 12 in the afternoon actually, but I was a little bit late on that afternoon. I arrived at Mid Valley at 1 pm and was warmly invited by their MUA to start my makeup session there.

Yinq Quah the Mua for Bobbi Brown was the one who is responsible to make me look pretty yesterday. She has teaches me on makeup technique which I ussualy saw it in you tube beauty channel. But now, I can feel the touch of a real MUA forthe 2nd time. 

here I attached all the videos while doing the makeup yesterday. So just bare with me and Yinq Quah's voice. we were quit bubbly and clumsy while doing this tutorial.

these were the makeup product and tools that i'm using yesterday.

after the makeup session, lets take selfie together! she is a young and talented lady. I love her style of makeup, where she can transform me from nothing to something. hihi. thanks!

at night! the makeup still looks great!
So these are my results. Lulus kan I makeup sendiri. Because I love to makeup myself so much, and  Ican learned makeup so fast, she ( the MUA) would like me to do another two  makeup session. heheh.
Thanks dear. This makeup last until 10 pm after a little touch up at the Benefits Cosmetic. But overall, I just love the way she teaches me to do the smokey eye. 
I give her 4/5 %. heheh.. and another 1 % is from my effort! hihi.. 

that's all for this entry, Thanks for reading. 

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2 Orang Positif

  1. cantik la dear.. mata pun menyerlah gitu.. hehe

    1. thanks anne~ memang pun, dia buat mata I lagi besar..


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