Makeup Session: With Dior's Mua

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Hello lovelies, first let we praise to our Creator for giving us the chance to breathe and live in this world. Alhamdulillah

Let’s start, today i’m gonna share with you guys about the makeup class that I attended last Saturday with my lovely sis , Syafiera Lewis and also, sis Jannah Md Isa. This event was held by @ mymakeuporganizer in instagram and we were among the luckiest girls  who were picked by @ramona to attend this makeup session by Dior Mua.

I just felt that my skin was getting better after drinking BeautyOat for my breakfast. 
you should try it too! 

my happy face on Saturday. hihi

Our makeup session start at 1pm at Pavilion Personal Shoppers, an exclusive rooms for VVIPs only. I am over exited for this makeup session as this was the third time for me to be makeup by the professional makeup artist. Luckily, I was given a chance to learn makeup from Matt, Dior’s Mua. He taught me so much in the most important part in the makeups steps. That was the cleaning process. How to get rid of all makeups on our face. So that, we can have healthy skin and also free from makeup. So, let me share with you the secrets to clean our face.

Cleaning Process
 For sure, all of us taught that after using wiping tissue to wipe out the makeup from our face is already enough, but actually, it needs more that 3 wiping tissue or facial cottons to wipe all the makeup on our face.
That’s what Matt did to clean my face. Using water base makeup remover, and also facial puff to clean my face. Then, after cleaning at least 3-4 times, he uses the Dior toner to freshen up my face after cleansing process. Then, he added on the moisturizer to moisturize my skin so that it will stay balance, not to oily and not to dry. So these were the basic step before he started to pun makeup on my face.

Makeup Session
For the makeup, first step was, to add the makeup base by Dior. This was to makeup sure that the makeup will stand for hours, same goes to the function of eye base. This step will make our eye shadows to be long lasting.
Next, he tapped on the foundation. He used the liquid foundation no. 03 (I guessed) onto my skin. The foundation gives my face a same colour tone.
Then he applied some powder at my eye area first and then the entire face. (Full coverage) This was one new technique that I learn from him, Thank you Matt!

Next he taught me on contouring face, the shades that should be used. He used a medium dark colour, not an extreme contouring for me. Then, he proceeds to the eye shadow. He started with eye base, to avoid the eye shadow to melt and for long lasting effects. For the eye shadow,  he uses the pink pallet. For me this pallet has beautiful colours. This eye shadow style was two phase style, and for me, this was not a new eye shadow effect because the finish look was just like the looks that I have made during my cousin’s wedding. Heheh.
And then after he finished the eye shadow makeup, he drew the eyeliner and applied mascara.
not to forget, the lip glose that he applied, a shimer and glossy one. 

The Final Look
And these were the look that Matt has created for me~! Thanks Matt. 

With Sis Jannah. 
My Comment:

for me, this look is familiar for me, but because it used Dior's Products, so it is more exclusive. but I still have the same outcome by using inexpensive products. Matt taught me well in cleansing part and also in contouring. But, not in concealing. as for me, I have some black spots that should be covered up by concealing. He did not concealed the dark spot and acne properly. but anyways, the makeup look still can be accepted. hehe, because it suits my tudung very well! thanks again Matt. 

So lets take some selfie guys at the VVIP personal shoppers. 

With Lovely Syafiera

these were some pictures that I took from Diors Photo Booth!

lastly, we enjoyed some tea and also cakes that they serve for their VVIP guests. 

So that's all that I have to share with you for the makeup session with Dior's Mua. wait for my next post yah. it's about some bread. Wanna know? just wait for my next entry.

Bye. Salam

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