Makeup Convocation for UiTM SHAH ALAM 2014

8:11 PG


Assaamua'laikum Lovelies, 

Today I would like to open my booking date for Convocation Makeup for this semester, as I know that many of UiTM Freshies especially the ladies would like to become Kim Kardashian on thier convocation. Right?

So this time, for convocation makeup charges, is based on the kolej that you stay. For example, if you stay at Mawar, the makeup charges is only RM50.00. I will be in front of your door at Mawar, 3 hours before your convocations started. 

Let me list down all the charges for this convocation makeup:
  1. Mawar : RM50.00
  2. Melati  RM55.00
  3. Kristal : RM55.00
  4. Baiduri :RM60.00
For any appointments, just Whatsapp me or SMS  me at 010-9600726.For those who wanted for studio makeup, usually after convocation, you can still whasapp be ok. 
List down your :
  • Name, 
  • Kolej Residence, 
  • Your Convocation Date & Time. 
and another exciting PROMOTION is, the First 10th persons who Whatsapp/SMS me will get 10% discounts.  So HURRY UP, book your MUA for Convocation NOW.

Till Then, Happy Convocation. 

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