Dinner Date with Scha Alyahya and her Family. :)

4:01 PTG

Bismillah and Assalamua’laikum

Hello ladies and to all blog readers that I love so much! Its been a great night last night, as you know that last night I had my private dinner with Scha Alyahya at Delicous Sunway Pyramid. Thanks to EH Malaysia for giving this precious moment with my friends and I to meet and great Scha, Awal and their baby Lara Alana.  Such a cute baby! Rasa nak picit ja budak tuu.

Last night event started at 7 am, when the arrival of Scha and her family to the restaurant. Scha wore white jacket with white trousers. She just looked amazing last night. All of us just stared at her and wonder how she managed to get in shape so fast after delivered Lara.

But anyways, last night event continued with a facial demo by Bio-Essence, a little chat with the MC and Scha, then eating part!
The food was good and delicious. My fav was the spaghetti that wa served with fresh prawns and squid.

Last night, I meet a few other beauty bloggers such as Syafiera Lewis and Shamiera Osemet. They are friendly as hell ok! Hihi. Nice to meet you guys. Plus, me, dira , izzie and Khaidel have the opportunity to take some photos with Scha, Awal and Lara. Not to forget with the Bio-essence crew and management team. They are awesome and very sporting too!

But anyways, lets the photo tell you the story ok! 

Selfie sat yer..

the Menu by Bio-Essence

Me in with and pink

these are my friends that joined with me. :) 

Dira yang sibok dengan gadgetnya

Sis Shamiera, my sponser for GA. TQ sis

The Food! 

The expression

Candid pose with us! hahah

My decoration to the tree. hihi.

Khaidel, Me and Dira. 

Selfie with the Bio-Essence crew and their management team. 
Good Job guys~! Please invite me again if there is any event. OK. hihi

with Shafiera Lewi. love to stalk her blog. heheh. 

with Scha. teheeee. She looks so flawless ok!

Me posing at the Bio-essence banner. 

Thanks to EH Malaysia for selecting me and Dira. 

Pandu puteri girls and boys. with their headmistress at the middle.

Thanks to Cosmopolitan too. :) hope to be in your magazine next month. 
with new friends, kak esh and hana. :) nice meeting you beauties. 

Last posing with Bio-essence instagram. hihi. perasan etured it in right. haha..

last night was very happening and my friends and I did have great night. we also bring some of the Bi0-Essence Tanaka White product that consist of, cream washer, toner, Moisterizer and serum.
and for that, wait for my review ok! now, i just tried these product and hope to see good results.

Till then.. ops, I almost forgot! 
I am looking for sporting partner to go to a talk by Cosmopolitan Malaysia on 1st of November. the tittle is Cash and Career Masterclass. there will be 3 talks that will be given by powerful speaker. and for those who really need to find jobs at jobstreet, you can join this talk because there will be talk by the Jobstreet on how to find great job! Fee RM20 perperson, and RM30 for 2 person. So I hope that I can invite one more person the come and join me at Ben's Living Room level 3 and we could have free lunch and goodies bag for free by Elianto. 
So hurry ya!

Comment below if you are interested.


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