Bloggers will be charge for GST?

8:10 PTG

I just heard news that blogger (like us) will be charge for GST.
HOHOHOHO, How come? I taught that blogging was just for writhing purpose, sharing and also giving thoughts about anything. I should be free..

Some others said that the GST for blogger are just for those who have gain so much income / money with blogging that is by adding adsense into their blog. Ermmm, so think my blog will not be charges by GST la? Because I don’t include any adsense here.. Nasib Baik... but with Adsense, blogger can have massive amount of income just by inserting Adsense. Go find yourself what does adsense mean. Okey~

I just hope that writing blog will not be charged for GST because we write an entry just for fun, and also for sharing information. Please be kind to us (bloggers)

And for those who want to start writing a blog? Just go for it girl!!
You can write anything that related to you or your surrounding or even your hobby.

Plus, share you’re opinion inside here. For me, blogging has become my diary for years, this is where I post about my life, my activities, my makeup, my vacations, my love story and also peoples around me.
You can also received products from shoppers for reviews. And also do some advertorials. It’s great to write.

All right then, bye.


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5 Orang Positif

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Wah, if we bloggers will get charged with GST then there's no point to blog anymore then .___. even bloggers from outside don't get charged with taxes on their blogs. Hmmmmm.

    Hana Blurbs

  2. Waalaikumsalam.

    That's right dear. I just don't think that blogger should be changed for Gst. Kita bkn nya bt byk duit pun.
    Here we just share what we loved and give opinion.

  3. Salam dear. Nonsense lah kalau drg nak charge us GST. Whoeva yg implement that idea mmg nak kene tepok kat dahi drg. They think we make big bucks ke by just blogging... Even income tax pon tak perlu nak dibayar, nie lagi GST. Haizz... **sabar jer lah kan...**

  4. itu lah kan. kita bukan nya buat bnyk income pun dri blogging ni. :(
    please laa.. semua benda nak GST..

  5. tu la. saya RM1.00 pun tak sampai. -,-" apebende la


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