Haul: The Bathing Haul at Sasa~!

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Today I would like to make one review on Bath Products. So last week, my friends and I were at Eon Bukit Raja, for some window shopping. It was suppose to be a window shopping, but you see, girls like us will not stand to just watch all promotions that was on going right… ! so we both pun terbeli! Hahaha, so many items we get from the promotion that was being held at Sasa! So you guys must check it out ok!  
Pear facial Mask

Extract Ginseng Facial Mask

Snake Revitalizing Facial Mask

Brightening Essence Mask

Me and Dira got 4 facial mask worth RM10. (That is so cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I haven't tried out all these mask yet. huhu. 

Next item was the Velvet Rose Bath and shower gel by Polo 1000ml. 

It just cost me for 2 items for RM21.90 only! Yeah babeh. Quit cheap isn’t it. It comes with a rose smell which I like it so much and the creamy texture that I can feel while bathing. So this product is worth to try. The scents was quit long lasting and smells really good!

For the third item, is the hair mask by Sasatinnie. You see, for the past few years, I seldom do this hair mask thing with my hair, because I don’t have a good product to try on. So this time, I would like to try on the Ultimate Deep Repair Wheat Protein Hair Mask By Sasatinnie. Form my experience, I noticed that my hair was quit manageable that before and the results was quit well. Previously, I have a hair fall problem which was quit badly for me. I have tried so many products, but I think this hair mask just suits me well. So, I will continue using this product until my hair grows long just like before!

Last but not least, the face cleanser. This is not an ordinary cleanser like other cleanser that is available at the market. This is the Swiss Rituel face cleanser that gives me the suppleness result after  using it at my face. The texture of the cream is so creamy just like the mud, thick texture. When you apply it on your face, it will cover up all the entire face. And after cleansing, just simply wash it away with water. From my experience using this product, I just felt that my face is not too oily that before. Just to stay hydrate, I applied moisturizer.

So that’s all for my review on these three product. This is not the sponsored review that I usually do, this is based on my experience and as a buyer, you should appreciate the things that you bought.

Where to buy this?

At your nearest Sasa store. So hurry, while it is still in promotions.


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