Beauty Workshop: The Eyeliner Workshop with Jasmine Tam; Malaysian Youtuber

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So let start our entry by praising Allah that gives us the chances to be able to breathe again. Alhamdulillah. And the chance for me to attend a small workshop at Benefits Cosmetic,StarHill with the most talented Malaysian Beauty Youtuber: Jasmine Tam.

Jasmine Tam is a Malaysian Beauty Youtuber that has a talented skills in doing a makeup tutorial. She aspire me on how to apply makeup with correct steps and also most of her videos are attractive and simple. So I hope that all of you can find her at youtube and support Malaysian's product, Okey!

So back to the workshop last week,that workshop was focused on the eyeliner, as everybody knows that eyeliner is a basic makeup steps that they should include in their daily routine of makeup. Many women tend to do these steps wrong, including me! Aaaaaaahhh, you see ah, I tend to pull aside my eyes so that it is easier for me to draw a perfect eyeliner. But, the disadvantage is, you will get problem with the eye texture when you pull your eyes repeatedly. Just like Jasmine said, the skin area the eyes was the thinnest skin layer at our face, so it is easy for it to sag if there is frequent movement in the eye area. For this problem, the solution is not to pull too much in the eye area and try to use the eyeliner pencil that suits your eye. Which that by using a longer type of eyeliner brush or pencil type can help us to draw a line perfectly.

Next, what have we learned from this workshop is, the types of eyes. Everyone has a different type of eyes, there are big round eyes, small, tiny, hazelnut shape eyes or almond eye shape, Asian eye shape, droopy eye shape and many more. You can refer to the pictures attached below for more info.

For these various kind of eye shape, there are also several types of eyeliners. These are the types of eyeliners that are available and I’m sure that there is plenty more right. For me, I usually used SMOOTH and FELINE type of eyeliner because it just pops my eyes out! Heheh. I don’t know about you girls, maybe the basic thin eyeliner should be great right!

Next, Jasmine asked us about the problem that we usually have with eyeliner. The majority of us said “SMUDGE”. Yeah, right! Smudge can easily happen if there is a wrong step that we make to our eyelid before applying eyeliner.

What is the wrong step?
Adding concealer at the eyelid without applying powder afterwards. You know why? From what has Jasmine told us, applying only concealer or eye primer to the eyes without any powder (ex: eyeshadow) can make our eyeliner to smudge easier because of the oil from the product and also from our body.
So to overcome this, you should apply eyeshadow base or just using a smoky eye shadow makeup.

The last part was to learn about removing eyeliner. So basically, everyone used to clean their face with face wash, but before that a makeup remover procedure is a MUST step to do to remove the makeup on your face. For me, I usually cleaned my face with makeup tissue wipes. Foe an easy step. But the correct step is where cleaning the eye and the face are two different steps. Jasmine taught us that a proper cleaning process for eyes are needed so that we can maintain our eye texture and to stay young! Heheh. Now everybody loves to feel young right! So our eyes are the main focus which it is easy to nag/ drop. So the solution is, take a soft cotton pad and put some of your cleaning product on to it. If there are product that are especially for the eyes, you better get that kind of product. Because there are types of waterproof eye base and eyeliner which not affect by the makeup remover. Some of my friends shared using an oily type of makeup remover can help to get rid of waterproof eyeliner.

So, these are the tips and knowledge that I have gained during the workshop and I was happy to meet some new friends, such as, Pretty, Carmen, Michell, Sis Fatima Hearts, Jasmine and a new beauty blogger Syafiera. Thanks to benefits Cosmetics and also Jasmine Tam for sharing with us the helpful tips. I will honor this moment for the rest of my life. Lets enjoy this moment with these photos below. :) 

group Photo! Kawaii style..
Till then, Thanks for reading. 

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