Overwhelm with the Premiere Screening, The Equalizer

4:12 PTG


Assalamua’laikum people.
Yesterday night I just informed you guys about my Giveaway Movie Ticket; The Equalizer. Because of too excited with the movie, I just said that the movie Premiere would be tonight. But today, when I ask my friends the date today, I had just relize that today is 23 of September 2014, and I was thinking back. Isit today the movie Premeire of tomorrow? Ermmmmmm~

When I check back the SMS I got from Sinar FM, the movie Premiere will be on 24th of September 2014. Hahahah. . I just laugh and informed directly to my husband about the news. He just laughed at me. I know what he was thinking at that moment.  He might think that I am so over excited for the movie premiere and forget everything besides it.

Thank God that we haven’t go to the Ecurve tonight. If not it will be a waste of time, money and energy. Huh!

So you guys who have nothing to do tomorrow night can join my Giveaway and win 2 pairs of ticket to watch tne Premiere Screening of The Equalizer at The Ecurve.

Want to Win this GA, Just go to my previous post.

The Lucky winner will be informed Via Email, and SMS. Don'f forget to join my Giveaway.

Thank you. J

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1 Orang Positif

  1. kalau free nk juga sy pergi...

    btw, nnt check emel ya... ;-)


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