Movie Review: The Equalizer

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Hello everyone, last night my hubby and I were at the Ecurve for the Premiere Screening for The Equalizer at the Cathay Cineplex. We were very excited to go there because I had been waiting for this ticket for last month. And Syukur, Sinar FM had given me this chance to watch this great movie. I had invited some friends to watch with me, but unfortunately they can’t make it. But anyways, lets make a movie review about this film.

Synopsis: This film is about a former elite army, Rober MacCall(Denzel Washington) that had retired and want to start a new life as a normal person.
His normal life never felt so normal because he just felt the emptiness in his life as his wife died.. Then he meet Alina/Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz),a young girl that had to become a prostitute and force to serve men. Robert was the one that had give her some advice to choose the path in life.

One day, Robert relize that Alina was not around at their usual restaurant, and he was informed bu the bar tender that she was in the ICU Hospital. He went to the hospital, and he saw that Alina was already beaten up by the Russian Gangster so badly.  Then he meet Alina’s friend, and he tried to gain info about the persons who did this to Alina.

A night later, he went to the club where all the Russian gangster had their office and tried to negotiate with them about giving the freedom to Alina. But, Slavi (head of Russian Gangster) refused and insulted Mc Call. McCall had no other choice but to kill them all. (the killing scene was very tragic, and until now I can feel the pain that the gangster had! Wooooowowowo!

Ok, next!
After he manage to killed all the gangster, he relized that, to make something that really matters was to help people that really needed help, No matter what they are or who they are. He help so many people around him and he also teaches us that our life may be is so precious. And we can do what we want in life that is in the good way not in a bad way and not to be some bad guy but using the badges of a police!!

The best part of this movie are the fighting part. This movie is not totally full with action act, but when it comes to fighting scene, we can see the efficient fighting skills that Robert McCall have. And his uses wise word. No  cursing like F___, and B____.

My hubby said that he wanted to watch this movie over and over again because he loves to watch movies that make him think deeply and full with messages.

So, above there are some parts of movie that I’ve already written, and  for those who want to know the ending you better watch it at your nearest Cineplex. Orite!

Rating: 8/10

Happy watching people. 


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