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Assalamua'laikum. Hello bloggers and silent readers. Today is Friday and usually on Friday I seldom update my entry. But today I would like to share with you my dreams, if I had the chance in doing my own business.

So, if I had the chance on doing business, my aim is to open a beauty store with my own product line. You see, in Malaysia there are not much beauty product especially in makeup products. There are a lot of other countries brands such as, Maybelline, Loreal, and others that majority conquered  the drug store. So my dream is to create new makeup product that is healthy, easy to used and in high quality with affordable price.

These are the quality that customer need, they love to shop with discounts, with lower price and plus the quality are at the highest. today, I'm using Maybelline, In2it, Loreal and Revlone product for my makeup stuff. And also some other products that I bought from DC (dataran Cendekia) in UiTM and some in Ab-Qari store in Bangi during my internship last month. that was the Eyeliner that I'm currently used.  and I do recommend it to you.

Later on I'll be making some review about it yeah! check it out...

So, Lets get back to our main topics for today. Now Lactacyd had organized a contest to win at least RM30k to fullfill our dreams. And for that I had enter the contest with my own ideas of business. Hope to win this contest and for that, I really need your help in voting me in their gallery.

So your task is to log in to your facebook page, then search for Lactacyd Fan Page 
click on the voting button and find my picture there. Vote for me as many votes you can.

If my votes are high enough and I am selected to become winner for the contest, adn then make my dream come true, I will giveaway 100 pieces free makeup trial kit for my votes and the best part is that you call will be awarded free membership in my makeup products.

So hurry! visit Lactacyd Fan page at Facebook and star voting mow.

After you vote, do leave a message below. so that we can keep it touch.

Thank you.

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