Hot FM Projek Radio. COme lets join!

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Hello peeps. This morning when my hubby and I drove out to his office, we heard one audition to become a DJ radio at HOT FM!  Ok , the project was name “Projek Radio” the search for radio DJ at  Hot FM.
Picture source by: HOT FM webpage

This is one opportunity that was given to everybody that is age from 18-29 years old to try out this audition and the person who have the skills and talent to become a DJ will win RM10 000 and one year contract with HOT FM!!!

Yah! This is one awesome prize right! And this opportunity maybe one life opportunity. People who are ethuciastic and have the talent to become a DJ radio can give it the try. Why not right?

You can submit your audition entry via Whatsapp, by form in the Hot FM web page or by auditioning. And for more info about this event, you can visit Hot FM official web.

Becoming a DJ radio was my little dream when I was a kid. I loved to hear HOT FM because the DJ’s are very funny and they can really make my day. I love to hear the “Panggilan Hangit” where the DJ radio make one fake call to the persons that they would like to prank.

So, for those who have the talent to become a DJ radio, you can join this audition!we will never know that your rezeki is to become DJ radio right?
May the luck will be at me (I want to enter the audition too) and your side, Amiin..

Good Luck!


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